US Investing Big Money In To Quantum Information Science, Unveils Strategy

The National Science Foundation and Department of Energy have dedicated a total of 249 million dollars for researching quantum information science (QIS).

A Strategic Overview, published by the National Science and Technology Council.  emphasizes the prioritization of 118 government funded core research programs. As QIS transitions from solely experimental to more practical applications we can expect competition between wordly powers to obtain the fastest quantum information systems.

At the peak of national interest are vital subjects like information security, and threat detection. QIS offers revolutionary potential in the form of computation, cryptography and sensor equipment that operate under the rule-set of quantum mechanics, making them extremely accurate, quick and powerful. Much more so than their analog counterparts.

Of critical importance to the United States is developing proper infrastructure for the kind of sophisticated scientific and engineering hurdles they face moving forward. This includes the establishment of facilities to host end user test beds and manufacturing equipment. In the long term, funding research centers and worthy business conglomerates to develop QIS appears to be the main strategy thus far.

Co-chair of the Subcomittee on Quantum Information Science Carl Williams stated that they currently have enough quantum physicists and quantum computer scientists to make the transition, but are lacking quantum engineers.

The United States also needs to balance their priorities of national security with international co-operation and open access to information for universities. Which is why they are hosting a US Quantum Consortium to conduct pre-competitive research and acknowledge any concerns with intellectual property rights. The participants would include members from government, academia and business.

The National Science Foundation has also recently began a multi-institutional development project to creates the worlds first practical quantum computer.





9/28/18 Physics World: US invests $249m in quantum information science as White House unveils strategic overview

Image:  Richard Kail/Science Photo Library

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