“Inorganic Living Matter” May Take The Form Of Complex Self Organizing Plasma

A scientific article concludes that a helical structure of complex self organizing plasma exhibits “all the necessary properties to qualify them as candidates for inorganic living matter that may exist in space provided certain conditions allow them to evolve naturally. “

Plasma is an energetic cloud of particles. Scientists like to call it “cosmic dust” or the “fifth state of matter” and it consumes roughly 98% of the universes total mass. Plasma is mostly composed of dusty micro-particles, free flowing electricity, alpha particles and either hydrogen, or helium gas that has become ionized, but also heavier noble gases like Boron the closer you get to the galactic core. “Ionization” is when an element is irradiated through Pulsed EMF

A plasma “crystal” is an induced state of plasma where a particular pattern and range of pulsed radio-frequency is used to ionize a gas at room temperature. When this occurs electrons leave or join an atom and it becomes unstable – emitting electromagnetic radiation. After this the power of RF frequency in the chamber is reduced to maintain the plasma. That is when they begin to inject micro particles in to the solution.

For some reason this results in a phenomena called “grain condensation”, where micro-particles of dust will begin to accumulate and move around each-other in a self organizing fashion. It is similar to the concept of Cymatics except that you have EM frequency instead of sound that is producing the arrangement of particles in this manner.

In an article published by the New Journal of Physics they explain how a helical vortex of self organizing plasma exhibits “thermodynamic and evolutionary features thought to be peculiar only to living matter such as bifurcations that serve as ‘memory marks’, self-duplication, metabolic rates in a thermodynamically open system, and non-Hamiltonian dynamics.”

They elaborate by hypothesizing that a natural form of self organizing helical plasma may lead to the eventual accumulation of proteins in a structure resembling organic life. This would complicate but not necessarily disprove the Genesis theory of lightning, as plasma from space weather does indeed influence lightning formation.

The universe is in fact, mostly composed of plasma. So if their hypothesis were true it would mean that life is much more likely to exist than we currently believe. As they explain as well- There are discrepancies between cosmological and evolutionary models that may be explained with a more complex view of “life” as naturally forming through

“The well known problem in explaining the origin of life is that the complexity of living creatures is so high that the time necessary to form the simplest organic living structure is too large compared to the age of the Earth. Similarly, the age of the Universe is also not sufficient for organic life to be created in a distant environment (similar to that on the Earth) and then transferred to the Earth.

“Can faster evolution rates be achieved for non-organic structures, in particular, in space consisting mostly of plasmas and dust grains, i.e. of natural components spread almost everywhere in the Universe? If yes, then the question to address is: are the above necessary requirements of self-organization into a kind of a ‘living creature’ present in plasmas containing macro-particles such as dust grains?

“It is concluded that complex self-organized plasma structures exhibit all the necessary properties to qualify them as candidates for inorganic living matter that may exist in space provided certain conditions allow them to evolve naturally.”


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