A Lot of UFO Sightings Occur Near The Fault Zone of An Earthquake

Back in the 1980s Researchers at Laurentian University identified a wide-spanning connection between UFO sightings and Earthquake formation, with a mutual origin in the Earths geomagnetic field.

1985 Geophysical Variables and Behavior: XXIII. Relations between UFO Reports within the Uinta Basin and Local Seismicity

If you triangulate the epicenter of various Earthquakes that occur throughout the day you will find that they coincide geographically with UFO sightings.

” Close scrutiny of daily shifts in epicenters and reports of UFOs indicated that they occurred when the locus of successive epicenters shifted across the area”

Scientists conclude that a kind of grinding strain between underground tectonic plates can release luminous phenomena we’ve come to characterize as a UFO.

“..support for the existence of strain fields whose movements generate natural phenomena that are reported as UFOs.”

Note that despite their use of terminology, these findings do not technically eliminate alien or man-made technology from the equation, but simply observe that most UFO sightings – whether natural, alien or man-made, appear to originate near to the fault zone of an Earthquake. Within 150km of the epicenter according to the article.

“The numbers of UFO reports per month during this classic UFO flap were correlated 0.80 with the sum of the earthquake magnitudes per month for events within 150 km of the report area.”

The effect is not limited to the first day or week after an Earthquake but instead can trail on in to the month. After this first four weeks however the effect eventually subsides.

“The strongest correlation occurred between UFO reports and nearby seismic activity within the same month but not for previous or consequent months. “

1981 Geophysical Variables and Behavior: III. Prediction of UFO Reports by Geomagnetic and Seismic Activity

At an even larger scale, it was found that UFO sightings closely trail a decrease in geomagnetic field value. We know that sudden changes to the geomagnetic field often originate in outer space and that these changes also happen to precipitate Earthquake formation.

” In general, UFO report numbers tended to increase two to three years after decreases in geomagnetic activity and the year after increases in the number of local, low intensity earthtremors”

This starts to paint a bigger picture of UFOs as somehow connected to the larger space-planet weather system. Think about how solar flares for example interact with the Earths geomagnetic field.

A very large majority of UFO sightings recorded during this time could be accounted for by this geomagnetic and seismic activity.

“More than 80% of the variance in a sample of UFO report numbers within the central and eastern U.S.A. between the years 1950 and 1966 could be accommodated by entering the appropriate three to five measures of geomagnetic or seismic activity of the previous one to three years.”

1984 Geophysical Variables and Human Behavior: XVIII. Expected Perceptual Characteristics and Local Distributions of Close UFO Reports

In order to predict UFO sightings, according to the authors, you’ve got to model the surface of the Earth like an advanced natural circuit-board, with separate areas of conductivity and insulation branching off of the Earthquake fault zone.

“Specific predictions require the delineation of local fault systems and the visualization of adjacent topography, geology and man-made structures as distributions of charge collectors, conductors, dielectrics and other EM equivalents.”

“frequent occurrences of UFORs (unidentified flying object reports) within regions of compressional deformation and the systematic variation over time between UFORs and seismic activity have been supported by empirical analyses”

From Google: “Deformation of Ductile Rocks Folds result from compressional stresses or shear stresses acting over considerable time. Because the strain rate is low and/or the temperature is high, rocks that we normally consider brittle can behave in a ductile manner resulting in such folds.”



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