Evidence For A Spin Orbit Coupling Between The Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn

Scientists propose the existence of a spin-orbit coupling between the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. Real implications for climate, and biology are made clear when the effects of this spin orbit coupling result in an extension or shortening of the hale/solar cycle of sunspot density.

“We present evidence to show that changes in the Sun’s equatorial rotation rate are synchronized with changes in its orbital motion about the Barycentre of the Solar System.” Of course the main contributors to this giant gravitational we call our Barycentre are the largest gas giants – Jupiter and Saturn. So that is where scientists began their investigation. “We propose that this synchronization is indicative of a spin–orbit coupling mechanism operating between the Jovian planets and the Sun.”

To make it easier, think about how a gravitational tango between the sun and gas giants may effect how fast the sun is spinning at certain points in the interaction. When Jupiter and Saturn fling by on their elliptical path they tug on the suns gravity a little bit which may cause the star to spin a little faster. Remember in 3D space time, gravitational bodies are essentially “swinging each-other around” in perpetual motion, as they all hurl through space.

According to the researchers they noticed a significant connection between elongated periods of sunspot formation, which are progenitors to solar flaring, and the relative position of Jupiter and Saturn in the solar system.

Though the researchers were uncertain of a causal mechanism that connects solar equatorial rotation with the solar cycle (of sunspot formation) in this manner, they postulated that it may have something to do with the internal magnetohydrodynamic workings of the sun called the “meridional flow”.

“…the overall period of the meridional flow is set by the level of disruption to the flow that is caused by changes in the Sun’s equatorial rotation speed” (by Jupiter or Saturn)

According to the studies author this orbital coupling between the sun and gas giants would ultimately take place within the larger gravitational nexus of our solar system called the “Barycentre” – an average moving point derived from triangulating the position of all celestial bodies swinging “around” the sun.

The scientists are proposing that this proverbial tug of war between the sun and two largest gas giants has resulted in nesting, temporal patterns of “synodic resonance” between the suns orbit around the entire “barycentre” of our solar system and the “synodic period” of time it takes for Jupiter and Saturn to return to the same position in the solar system. In other words – the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn appear to set their orbital speed in relationship to one another – which suggests an intelligent order to gravity.

The reason why this is relevant is because an incomplete picture of solar activity means an incomplete picture of humanity. Given the likely fall and rise of civilizations throughout time from natural phenomena, it’s vital that we figure out all the potential contributors to solar activity.

The field of heliobiology details interactions between solar activity and biology back here on Earth that could also make the former relevant to periods of civil unrest and cultural upheaval at a societal scale.


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