Researchers Learn How To Control The Heart Through Light Waves

Scientists use an optogenetic technique to engineer the cardiac waves of a mouses heart and learn that you can direct the timing of it’s heartbeat. There are implications for cardiac disease and biofeedback technology.

The article begins by describing the endemic quality of cardiac disease throughout the world. They claim that a huge portion of people dying from cardiac disease die from what is called a “tachycardia” which is essentially – a higher heart rate.

As the organ struggles to pump enough blood throughout the body, often due to high blood pressure and poor circulation it begins to pump faster and faster until it reaches 100 beats per minute – at which point it is called a tachycardia

What many of these articles fail to mention is the most obvious lifestyle choices that lead to cardiovascular disease in the first place: sedentary living and over-reliance on thermo- electric insulation. Note how both of these staples of modern civilization result in poor circulation of blood throughout the body. Add to the mix any kind of hypertension from chronic stress and you have a deadly cocktail.

Given the connection between solar maximum, hypertension, cardiac disease and heart attacks for example, a discovery like this is more important now more than ever as a lot of more people than usual are going through inordinate amounts of stress.

However it’s important to mention that you can drastically reduce your own chances of developing cardiac disease through proper exercise, outdoor activity, and paying attention to the geomagnetic index to identify various risk factors for elevated HR during a geomagnetic storm for example.

With that being said, researchers partaking in the study were able to carefully engineer the “alternating dynamics” of a mouses heart beat. As if it to “speak and listen to the heart” researchers observe the natural timing and stimulate the organ with light at key moments in between each beat in order to adjust the timing of the next one in the sequence.

Through applying this language of electromagnetic feedback they may be able to treat people with “tachycardia” and other disorders that have to do with electrical instabilities such as epilepsy.

However, the researchers claim that “alternating dynamics” within the heart contribute to cardiac disease but do not to mention that heart rate variability is also a part of these alternating dynamics. Because HRV is one of the most universal indicators of general health it’s important to mention that otherwise someone could misuse the technology. .

Furthermore, only after traditional recommendations such as exercise, diet, sunlight and other age-old remedies are ruled out should something like this be prescribed as it would be evolutionary unwise to depend on technology to keep your heart rate in check. With that being said – it would be an incredible non-pharmaceutical way of correcting electrical instabilities within the hear, brain and nervous system. Especially if it were integrated in to some kind of biofeedback technology.


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