Geomagnetic Storm Produces Variations in Tectonic Deformation 100km Away From Coastline

A scientific journal details new evidence in support of the connection between solar/geomagnetic activity and seismic activity within the Earth.

In the article, scientists identify the physical origin of a known correlation between geomagnetic and seismic (earthquake) activity. After placing detectors at multiple sites around the world they observed consistent deformations in tectonic strain about 100km away from the coastline during a geomagnetic storm.

For those of you unfamiliar with geology, tectonic Earthquake fault-lines fit like a puzzle piece over the ordinary continental coast-line except for that they extend in to the ocean as well. Indeed as first glace it looks as if the continents are “floating around and between” larger plates in the ocean with the fault-line as the physical line dividing them.

Therefor, in order to figure out the physical origin of known geomagnetic-geological interactions scientists placed detectors 100km away from the coast-line where these tectonic faults are known to exist and found as they might have expected, deformations in strain that occur during a geomagnetic storm.

The discovery is important because it observes the physical-mechanistic connection between space weather, geomagnetic and Earthquake activity in real time which is extremely beneficial for proper modelling of the phenomena.

It has been repeated throughout mainstream literature that Earthquake activity results from movements deep within the molten iron core and other layers of the Earth, however this new discovery illustrates a more holistic space-weather geomagnetic interface.

By observing the uptick in tectonic deformation during a geomagnetic storm it is proven that the magnetic activity within our atmosphere plays a deterministic role in shaping Earths mantle activity, likely via the manipulation of magnetic mineral rock beneath the surface.

Since solar storms precede geomagnetic storms – the discovery highlights a straight line of deduction from Sun to Earth, allowing for a better model of Earthquake prediction and maybe even volcanic activity – considering the correlation we find between geomagnetic storms and volcanic eruption as well.

You could imagine that – depending on how magnetic a mineral is it may be more or less prone to physical influence from geomagnetic fluctuations that originate via solar activity. This seems obvious in retrospect but in science you always have to observe to confirm even if it makes sense intuitively.


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