NSA DECLASSIFIED: Investigation of Man Who Could “Bend Metal and Produce Radiation”

The NSA has declassified a document from 2008 that details the investigation of Uri Geller, a man who claimed to have telekinetic powers.

Mr Geller was able to convince some very rigorous scientific minds that he could indeed perform miraculous acts that have been traditionally referred to as “telekinetic” – a subset of purported psychic ability that differs from “telepathy” in that the individual is capable of exhibiting an outgoing force upon matter and energy.

Professor J G Taylor, Head of the Department of Mathematics at Birkbeck University way quoted saying

“At the University of London, several leading physicists were finding that Geller could run up a Geiger counter to a point 500 times background radiation by concentrating on it.”

A Geiger counter is an instrument for detecting the presence and intensity of radiation. In other words, somehow Uri Geller was able to produce radiation, by ionizing the atomic structure of gas molecules within the device.

Usually radiation is produced by a radioactive substance of some kind, however in this case it appears that the man was able to re-arrange the electrons of a gas atom through sheer will alone (which is what ionization is)

This is similar to another article we published about “How Real Energy Healing Works” where a Georgian man by the name of Korvorotov was able to ionize the gas particles between his hand and the subject of his healing. The authors of the declassified document we covered in the previous article hypothesize that miraculous healing might occur by virtue of an “ionic wind” current produced by Korvorotov and “pushed” in to the subjects body.

Both of these scientific discoveries seem to suggest that there is a connection between consciousness, radiation, and certain telekinetic abilities.

The mathematical expert from Birbeck University continues to explain his observation of Uri Geller.

“He could de-materialize part of a Vanadium Crystal sealed inside a plastic capsule, simply by holding his hand over it”

This is actually one of their most startling claims, as it defies the known energy conservation law of thermodynamics. “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred”. As of yet there are no verifiable scientific theories for how it may be possible to de-materialize a part of a crystalline mineral such as Vanadium (As far as the public knows).

What we do know is that crystalline mineral is a very unique form of matter. Which is why they are an indispensable asset to our modern technological society. (think circuit-boards, lenses, LCD screens, laser beams etc)They have the useful ability to convert mechanical pressure in to electromagnetic energy, which is why they are capable of storing information. Whether or not this has something to do with Uri Gellers unique ability has yet to be seen.

You have to think of things from a strategic vantage-point. From a tactical perspective, if you were to ignore something that can happen but does not yet have an explanation, then you could miss out on it’s potential application. It is the NSA after all. You can probably bet that they have conducted further research in to the subject matter that is not yet accessible to the public. Otherwise they would be compromising national security by releasing this document.

The declassified material continues to explain how Uri Geller was able to convince even the most hard nosed skeptics of his telekinetic ability, including the bending of metal objects.

“There were a dozen or so of the magazines staff at the meeting. Two of the editors were dyed-in-wool skeptics. Geller started his demonstration by lightly touching a key held out by a researcher. It begin bending and continued to bend. As often happens, several other keys in the room began bending, although Geller was not near”

What is perhaps most impressive is that the investigation met hard scientific criteria of repeatability. A staple of experimentation within the scientific community is that the phenomena must be repeatable across time.

“There were several other tests, all of them repeatable and startling. At the conclusion of them, conducted in two different colleges of the university – Birkbeck and King – three scientists came out with unequivocal statements regarding the future impact of the phenomenon”

Professor J. G Taylor concluded his study with the following statement.

“I have tested Uri Geller in my laboratory at King’s College with specially designed apparatus. The Geller Effect – of metal bending – is clearly not brought about by fraud. It is so exceptional that it presents a crucial challenge to modern science and could even destroy the latter if no explanation becomes available.”

That last sentence is extremely hyperbolic – just because something challenges a conclusion made by the scientific community, does not mean it will “destroy” science as we know it. You cannot invalidate hundreds of years of technological progress through application of the scientific method just because some people are capable of extraordinary things. Even if we are not able to explain it in the future, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening, and it does not mean that science is any less valid for not being able to be prove why it is happening.

NOTE: Please Let CGN know through the contact page if the linked document becomes inaccessible at some point. We’ve downloaded the original copy. Here is a screenshot to prove it if they completely remove the document from their website at some point.


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