We Should Be More Conscious Of How We Portray ET

Ever wonder why nearly every new alien movie involves some kind of invasion, war or extermination?

I was flicking through Netflix today and noticed that LITERALLY ALL of the videos that were recommended to me on the basis of my watching of “Time Trap” – a very cool time travel movie, we’re alien invasion movies. Let me be clear – I have NEVER watched an alien invasion movie on Netflix. In fact I refuse to.

It’s funny how evidence of extraterrestrial species is habitually disregard on the basis of “Well, if they existed, why haven’t we seen them yet?” Otherwise known as the Fermi Paradox. However it is not very difficult to figure out why an extraterrestrial species may want to avoid a civilization like ours – by analyzing the electromagnetic spectrum of our communication they would probably get a pretty good idea of what humanity thought about them.

Let me ask you this – if human beings were attempting to establish peaceful contact with another world, should they begin with the Xenophobic planet that habitually characterizes anything outside of its own atmosphere as “evil and invasive?” Probably not. The bottom line is you can’t have it both ways – You can’t use the Fermi Paradox to deny that aliens exist while also remaining oblivious to the type of entertainment choices that might make them want nothing to do with us in the first place.

Is it not true that as human beings accumulate in to larger groups throughout time , we become more peaceful and diplomatic – interested in trade and mutual economic benefit rather than outright warfare? Of course it’s true, otherwise we would not have been able to unite tribes in to villages, villages in to nations. Then why would we ever suggest that an alien civilization, much further ahead in it’s own evolution than us, be solely interested in warfare rather then diplomacy? Even when you look at the animal kingdom – most of the species are not killing each-other. They are living symbiotically most of the time.

Here’s a thought experiment: When considering all of the alien invasion movies on Netflix for example, replace “extraterrestrial” with a particular ethnic, or religious group. Terrible right? Racist, discriminatory? Of course it is. Remember when Hitler characterized an entire race and religion of people as inherently sinister? This is collectively regarded as the beginning of one of the worst atrocities in humankind’s history. So why are we doing it with ET?

The truth is – I don’t know if the “bad alien” movies are being made for some kind of ulterior agenda or if people are inherently flawed in their preference for these entertainment choices. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between the two, and that’s a problem. If humankind want’s to establish peaceful contact with extraterrestrials, (god knows we need it now more than ever) than we need to take a solid look in the mirror.

Call it another kind of mindful consumption – Do you want to fill your consciousness with the kind of mind-garbage that pollutes our future prospects for communication with ET or do you want to watch something more along the lines of Star Trek, where there is a realistic diversity of moral inclination among Extraterrestrial species, just as there are with human beings on Earth.

With that being said here is some more neutral, realistic or funny alien movies that you might enjoy:

Alien Worlds


The Phenomenon

Men In Black

Star Trek

Star Wars

Guardians of The Galaxy




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