Health Effects of Exposure To a Focal Tectonic Strain Field

UFO field researchers obviously spend a lot of time around sites where their have historically been more UFO sightings. Unfortunately UFO/UAPS, are also more likely to be spotted around a focal tectonic strain field – whose electromagnetic disturbance can have an effect on your health.

“Contemporary epidemiological data concerning the health risks of power frequency electromagnetic fields and radon gas levels (expected correlates of certain tectonic strain fields), suggest that increased incidence (odds ratios greater 1:3) of brain tumors and leukemia should be evident within “flap” areas. “

I’m actually a proponent of UAP investigation. CE-5 for example has established a pretty good protocol for mitigating the health risks that accompany proximity to luminous phenomena near a focal tectonic strain field. These protocols include integrating meditation and other elements of what that I call “self-directed psychophysiology” such as intentional breathing techniques.

Because this information is generally absent from discussions within the UFO community I feel a responsibility to mention that there are also psychological and physical health risks that accompany proximity to the electromagnetic energy i.e. “luminous phenomena” produced by a focal tectonic strain field.

“Luminous phenomena and anomalous physical forces have been hypothesized to be generated by focal tectonic strain fields that precede earthquakes.”

In geophysics a focal tectonic strain field is an electromagnetic field anomaly that is created by the grinding fiction of tectonic plates underground. It is often near to an earthquake fault zone. Which is why UFO sightings also coincide with earthquakes.

That electromagnetic upwelling can produce euphoric feelings of the “transcendental” in nearby people as well as a deeply profound visionary experience that is often perceived through the lens of culture.

However proximity to luminous phenomena emerging from a focal tectonic strain field can also have a deleterious effect on the individuals state of mind and health, especially if they are already predisposed to sensitivity within the temporal lobe.

I recommend those of you who are interested in mitigating negative health effects read my article about the “personality neuroscience of paranormal activity” to see if you have neuropsychological attributes, such as micro-seizures within the temporal lobe that predispose you to an exaggerated response.

If you have a more sensitive temporal lobe it could mean one of two things depending on how well you regulate it: That you are prone to having a greater transcendental experience, or that you are more vulnerable negative health effects. It likely depends on what you are “bringing” to the experience. In this way, partial epilepsy in the temporal lobe is a double edged sword. You could imagine it as potential energy.

Don’t get me wrong, this should not undercut the potential benefit of a real contact experience but it is important that UFO field investigators remain aware of the risks involved as well. If you hang around these focal tectonic strain fields waiting for luminous phenomena to emerge from the earth for too long you might become more prone to certain physical and psychological health conditions.

Instead make sure you meditate in preparation. Learn about how solar and geomagnetic activity is related to earthquake activity. Maybe even join a public community for earthquake prediction and observe how they try and identify where an earthquake emerges. Investigate the complex planetary synchronization structure of our solar system in order to identify moments that are likely to yield more solar activity, and therefor geomagnetic activity and UFO/UAP activity.

“In addition the frequency of variants of temporal lobe lability, psychological depression and posttraumatic stress should be significantly elevated. UFO field investigators, because they have repeated, intermittent close proximity to these fields, are considered to be a particularly high risk population for these disorders. “.

Though positive visionary experiences are often what is promoted by groups such as CE-5 – this is likely because many of them are also into meditation and methods of self-directed psychophysiology, so the even takes on a “healthier” cadence. I’m sure the pro-social group-like nature of the event also helps.

However the experience is at risk of taking on a more neutral or darker tone as well these symptoms include

“Dream-like Sequences, Terror, Perceptual Changes, Depersonalization, Vestibular Alterations, Auditory Sensations, and Profound Meaningfulness”

The researchers claim that some of the following effects may continue on in to the future.

“Amnesia, time loss, confabulation, crisis suggestibility, and electroconvulsive shock symptoms.”

“Progressive personality deterioration could be characterized by enhanced religiosity, “sense of the personal,” a compulsion to proselytize, affective disorders and modifications of memory from before the event.”

I don’t agree that personality deterioration is associated with “increased religiosity”. I think that statements a little bias but it is notable that an experience such as this would enhance religiosity because it is not necessarily obvious.

“Affective disorders” are maybe not the best however modification of memory before the event could be good or bad depending on it’s effect on the individual psychologically.

“One hypothesis is that close-encounter experiences displayed near a luminosity are evoked by direct stimulation through current induction within the observer’s brain”


1983 Geophysical Variables and Behavior: IX. Expected Clinical Consequences of Close Proximity to UFO-Related Luminosities

1988 Geophysical variables and behavior: LIII. Epidemiological considerations for incidence of cancer and depression in areas of frequent UFO reports


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