DIRECT Democracy For Equality of OPPORTUNITY To Emerge

Our current democratic system is called representative democracy. It assumes that individuals do not want a direct say in the decision making of government. It also assumes that they require a political representative to make their will known. That isn’t particularly the case. However, representative democracy might still have its place. You could have a hybrid system of direct and representative democracy, but you would need to apply more advanced technology in order to make that work. You would need something like a democratic, autonomous organization to make that possible. The reason why direct democracy should be an option is because there are plenty of intelligent people within our population. Once you can leverage the willpower of your entire population, you are capable of advancement far beyond anything you could possibly imagine.

In fact, that is why the first world has been able to progress the infrastructure – is because they have a direct operating procedure that maximizes the potential of each and every individual, at least comparatively. What that means is if we want to advance things even further, if we want to reduce the barriers to entry and increase equality of opportunity, we’re going to have to implement direct democracy because some individuals want and should have a say over what happens in government. They don’t necessarily want to rely on a politician, especially with all the disenfranchisement we have for politics nowadays. You would think that direct democracy would have already emerged as an alternative. However, this has a lot to do with purifying our communication medium because we need to be on the same page as far as what platforms we can utilize for mutual conversation and debate if necessary.

But if complex subject matter are not allowed to be discussed because of censorship or some other form of negligence in the algorithmic realm, then the right opportunities won’t be allowed to emerge naturally. We need to purify the communication medium in order for a direct democracy to emerge as an alternative to representative democracy. And that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to replace representative democracy. If you don’t want to make your will known for every single public policy, then you don’t have to. You should be allowed to delegate your vote, so to speak. However, there should be the option to exercise your will within the realm of public decision making and therefore influence the entire momentum of society, the entire momentum of your organization, your nation, your corporation, whatever it may be.

And that is why a hybrid system of representative democracy and direct democracy may be exactly what we need right now. It does make it necessary to reveal direct democracy as a potential alternative, however, because it is not necessarily widely discussed that we should have a direct say in the policies and procedures of our constituent nation or perhaps even the planet at scale. The reason why direct democracy is so useful is because there is plenty of nuance within the conversation to be had in politics that could be directly plugged into the momentum of an entire nation. You could actually directly connect the features of public debate and conversation with the actual momentum of your country.

However, it would require some form of democratic autonomous organization. And I’m talking about the actual literal definition of democracy in that everybody has a say in the decision making process of their organization. I’m not talking about how it is applied at scale today. Democracy has become corrupt by an overemphasis on capital forces, and that is why we need to implement direct democracy as a hybrid system that is coupled to representative democracy mean that you would be able to attribute your vote to another person, perhaps within a particular realm of public policy. Even so, you could have an individual you rely on for internal affairs and then foreign affairs and economics or whatever it may be.

The point being that you could attribute your vote to various individuals within the public realm and that. Actually gives birth to a complex self organizing format, which is far more effective than any kind of archaic form of democracy as it is represented nowadays, and it’s also more of a purified concept, because once you can have a direct democracy, there is no sleight of hand. There is no capability for economic principles to fully corrupt the democratic process. Now, it’s important to remember that any system can ossify into a corrupt hierarchy throughout time. How are the extent by which it carries along that path? Ultimately depends on the actions of benevolent leadership and upholding integrity, equality of opportunity and reducing the amount of barriers to entry.

Once we have a complex self organizing way of attributing votes and orienting ourselves in relationship to the other faction members of our planetary body then it might be a lot easier, for example, to make space colonization possible. It might be far easier to explore the realms of outer space when we have a highly efficient form of complex self organization here on Earth. It’s important to remember that complex self organization is not opposite to hierarchy. In fact, it is enhancing of meritocracy, which is the benevolent form of hierarchy whereby you have various individuals that contribute their expertise to their area of interest. Oftentimes they end up as a representative of that area of interest through the complex self organizing properties of mutual support between the constituent members of a society. That is benevolent meritocracy at play.

This is made possible by the complex self organizing properties of network dynamics. They are not mutually exclusive. They are not opposite to one another. They are enhancing. There are both a form of order. Harmony is network-like in so much as there is a focus on the number of connections being made between all the constituent members. Through that focus on the number of connections made, there is actually an overall enhancement of life force vitality in the case of our civilization that magnifies the collective willpower. You can imagine a hybrid system of direct and representative democracy – organized in a way that can have all the information known by all participating members organized on the Smart contract block chain so that the integrity of the process is understood and trusted by all the constituent members.

A very important point, because if it is not understood and not trusted, then you reduce the amount of contributing factors. It’s simple – when people can’t trust something they don’t want to establish a relationship. Our entire society, even the free market economy itself, is based on trust and integrity. They are under exaggerated features. Unfortunately, we have to contend with the existence of evil, but we do not have to identify with it. And by that virtue, we shouldn’t be complaining about it either, unless we have an alternative in mind or unless we can point to another person who has a better alternative in mind. Either way, we shouldn’t be complaining about conspiracy theories.

We should be establishing a route of progress for the advancement of society. In order to do that, we need to begin purifying the communication medium so that the nuance of our conversation can be known in the first place. People have to make their decisions based on nuance. So if there is a form of direct democracy that we want to implement, then it will require that there is a minimal threshold of integrity within the communication medium. It will require that we have an alternative in mind for that communication, which could give way to an honest form of direct democracy. Perhaps a self organizing form of decentralized social media network would be a good place to start, shall we say. It might be a viable origin point for this process to commence.

We do require that we have some kind of framework or infrastructure laid down as a precautionary safety net for the actual structure of society to transition toward in order to prevent entropy and decay, from unraveling the very fabric of our society. You have to have a relatively smooth transition between different forms of order in order to guarantee that the overall quality of life does not go down. Very important. This is an under exaggerated a point nowadays because one side will make it seem like all you require is the destruction of everything we know in order for benevolent order to emerge. While the other side says that anything that could possibly change any aspect of the way things are conducted is inherently evil.

Neither of the sides are true. You require order for the transition to commence in a way that is not destructive and you do require change as well. You do require a form of adaptation. And that is why I’m saying it should be a hybrid system of representative and direct democracy, should it be one or the other. However, the reason why I exaggerate direct democracy in the title is because that is currently and under exaggerated feature of what would be a better, more complex self organizing system. Hypothetically speaking, if we could have the communication medium with a minimal threshold of integrity for people to make an. Form decisions through direct democracy in the first place.

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