Podcast: The Ancient Global Geomathematical Language of Humankind

The same numbers repeat themselves across the seemingly unrelated areas of astronomy, music, religion, sports and common television standards. In this episode I explain my hypothesis as to why an ancient global civilization installed these same proportions in to their architecture. Remember – behaviors do not evolve for no reason.

Here is the raw data I’ve compiled on some of the most ubiquitous numbers throughout our world culture as well as there exactly proportionate mathematical relationship. All of which amount to a statistical anomaly beyond comprehension.

36: Judaism, Eastern Religion

36: Edges in a truncated cube, truncated octahedron, Candles in Hanukkah, Maori gods that assembled the first human, Possible outcomes in the roll of two die, Stitches on a Major League Baseball, Dominoe tilings, volumes in The Bhudist Kangyur Scriptures, Symbols in the alphabet + whole integers, Times to love respect and protect the stranger, degrees in the interior angle of a Pentagram, Judaism – Righteous people in whose merit the world continues to exist, Torah – Love, respect, protect a stranger, Judaism – Hours of light during creation, Hours in a day and a half, Hindu Tattvas – Internal aspects of The Absolute

36 inches = 1 yard, 36 feet = 432 inches, 36 Girah = 16 inches, 36 Hath = 648 inches, 36 yards = 108 feet

36 inch pipe wrench
360 days = 1 Mayan Tun, 360 days = 1 Samvatsara Hindu Year, 360 years in one divine year, 360 mile width that Plato gave for Atlantis, 360 HZ 2nd Octave of F# @ 432 hz tuning,
360p Low television standard, 360 degree circle, square
3600 degree in a cuboctahedron, icosahedron, truncated tetrahedron
3600 seconds in an hour
36 000 yard diameter of moon

72: Christian, Islam, Linguistic

72: books in the Holy Bible, degrees of Jacobs Ladder, virgins in the afterlife, linens to make the sacred coord – Kucti to Pubescent Parsee in Zoroastrianism, demons in the Lesser Key of Solomon, divisions in the Book of Revelations, languages of Babylon spoken by Tawsi Melek, names of God in the Kaballah, old men of Synagogue: Judaism, Zohar, Paranatellons: Extra Zodiacal Constellations, people martyred at the battle of Karbala: Islam. planets between Heaven and Hell in Cao Dai, sects/denominations of hell in Islam, temples at Angkor Watt: ancient Khmer Empire, stupas comprising Borobudur – worlds largest Bhudist temple, translators of the Septuagint

Axis of the Earth moves one degree every 72 years, Jupiters 72 degree harmonic storm front
72 feet = 24 yards, 72 hours = 3 days, 72 yards = 216 feet, 72 feet = 864 inches
720 feet = 8640 inches, 720 minutes = 12 hours, 720 = total degrees in a Hexagon, Tetrahedron. 720 p Television standard, 720 hz is the 2nd octave of F# tuned to 432 hz
7200 days = Mayan K’atun, 72000 years = 1 Sanhyamsa Vedic Age, 720000 years = 1 Dwapara Yuga

108: Eastern Religion and Martial Arts

earthly temptations, beads on a mala and rosary lace, eagle claw hand lock techniques, gods and asuras pulling the serpent back and forth, interior angle of a pentagon, moons between the earth and moon, moves in tai ji quan long form, moves in wodden dummy form wing chun, names of supreme lord shiva, repetitions of a mantra, stiches on a major league baseball, sun salutations in Yoga, suns between the earth and sun, volumes in the kangyur scriptures

108 feet = 36 yards
108 girah = 48 inches
1080 Degrees in an Octahedron, 1080 p television standard, 1080 hz 4th octave of f sharp in 432 Hz based tuning, km between Gobleki Tepe and Giza, 1080 mile long radius of Moon
1080 Microseconds = 1 Lava
10800 Degrees in a Rhombic Tetrahedron, Tetrakis Icosahedron, Years Olds: Alaporos – God King of Sumeria
108000000 kilometers between the Sun and Venus: Mean average

144: Spirit guided life

12 X 12, Tiles in the game Mahjong, the 12th fibonacci number, only number abridging fibonacci with golden ratio, 144 ft high wall of new Jerusalem as shown by the seventh angel, 144 square inches in a foot, 144 cubits = 216 feet, 144 ft = 1728 inches
1440 minutes in a day, 1440 years = 1 Hindu Decan, 1440 p common television standard, 1440 hz f sharp in 432 hz tuning, 144 000 days = 1 Mayan Baktun, 144 000 Chosen of Jehova, 144 000 numbered of Israel,
Salient Climate Shift took place 144 000 years ago

18: Hindu, Eastern Culture

Armies in the Kurukshetra War: Hindu, books in the Mahabarata, chapters in the bhagavad Vita, days in the war between Rama and demons, first 18 disciples of the BAB, known as the Letters of the Living: Babism, levels of hell in Chinese mythos, The 18-electron rule: transition metal chemistry: characterizing and predicting the stability of metal complexes. Atomic number of Krypton, Group 18: periodic table: noble gases, age of adulthood and voting right in most countries.

18 Inches = 8 Girah = 1 Hath = 1.5 Feet = 0.5 Yards, 18 feet =216 inches
180 degree sum of all angles in the interior of an equilateral triangle, half a circle, inches between bases in baseball,
18 microseconds = Rennu

24 feet= 288 inches = 648 Girah
192 Girah = 24 Hath = 432 inches
2400 Divine years = 864000 years = 1 Dvapara Yuga
2880 inches = 240 feet
240 mile length of Atlantis

3 X 2 =
6 X 2 =
12 + 6 =
18 + 6 =
24 + 12 =
36 X 2 =
72 + 36 =
108 + 36 =

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