Gas Giant Planets Alter Our Climate and Economic Activity

The rectilinear (0, 90, 180 270 degree) alignment of gas giants will have a highly statistically significant effect on climate and economic activity here on Earth. This is not magical astrology though. Technically speaking – it is statistical astronomy, astrophysics, and heliogeophysics. But it reminds scientists too much of astrology, and also happens to complicate climate change.. so it’s controversial to say the least. Unfortunately ,that probably doesn’t stop it from being applied by the super rich.

With that being said, it turns out the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn line up pretty damn well with sun spot activity aside from brief out of phase moments that are caused by a cosmic “hail mary” from the other gas giants. Which we’ll get in to in a bit. As some of you may know the solar hale cycle largely defines the range of temperature and to a lesser known extent – economic cycles here on Earth such as the cattle cycle by virtue of it’s effect on weather. It is the up and down undulation of sunspot density on the sun. As some of you may know sunspots can release all sorts of energy that interact with Earth.

The cattle cycle is the amount of time it takes cattle prices to go up and down in response to seasonal fluctuations that are created by changes in solar activity, see the connection there? It’s pretty darn simple when you look at it that way but if you just start talking about how Jupiter and Saturn are effecting the bovine you’re probably going to get some pretty strange looks! It’s a deductive chain of reasoning that requires some degree of “back-tracking along the branches”

The reason why I mention that is because planetary alignment is NOT mentioned as a variable in solar forecasting for climate models. Don’t mistake that as a political flex either. Anthropogenic climate change is very real, however if we do not include new information about the solar system, then we won’t be able to alter our consumptive behavior accurately enough to make a difference either way. I WANT to help with climate change, but we NEED to include information like this in our climate models.

You wouldn’t want to mistake a down-tick in temperature as a byproduct of our efforts to mitigate climate change when it might’ve been due to a gas giant! We need to know if our efforts to prevent climate change are working! I’ll give you a brief summary of the complex planetary synchronization structure of our solar system enabling sophisticated gravitational cross-referencing of planetary alignment. If you want to skip to the proof behind the articles stated title then you can ignore the next six paragraphs. However this is also where I debunk the common association between creationism, astrology and pan-psychism that prevents the area from being further investigated by serious scientific publications.

Our solar system appears to function like a highly sophisticated clockwork of electromagnetic interaction enabled by a simultaneous form of gravitational cross-referencing called “orbital resonance” that is capable of timing the onset of planetary alignment for key intervals of gravitational momentum. It is a highly complex, inconvenient truth for climate change. The good news is that it can be further understood.

I think it’s important to mention that you can have some form of complex order in outer space without an omnipotent creator pulling the strings. So don’t mistake my inclination for creationism. I am not political NOR religious. That natural clockwork appears to operate throughout a geometric grid of spatially coordinated orbital movement followed by a heightened period of electromagnetic exchange during key moments of celestial alignment to geometric angles of “least resistance”. It is just about as “mystical” as electricity preferring a straight line. However the fact that it is scientific doesn’t make it any less beautiful.

A paper on the Jovian Spin-Orbit Coupling reveals how the 90x degree alignment between Jupiter and Saturn happens to fit near perfectly in to the suns furthest distance away from the gravitational barycentre of our solar system which is also where the sun is rotating on its axis slowest. You see the dynamic at play here? It is like a well coordinated orbital tango meant to keep the solar system from flinging apart at the seams. In this way it also seems to defy the entropy expansion decay theory of the universe.

In other words it is a very complex form of natural gravitational synchronization: While the gas giants are rotating around the sun, they are also pulling it back and forth. This actually creates a “true gravitational centre” of our solar system called the barycentre. This is a key point – it takes the sun 178.8 years to orbit around that Barycentre. Furthermore, the period of time that it takes Jupiter and Saturn to pass one another in their orbit (synodic period) also happens to fit in to a near exact temporal fraction: 8/9 with the solar hale cycle of sunspot density during one complete solar orbital rotation around the graviatational barycentre (178.8 yrs). This is the “orbital tango” of well-coordinated gravitational momentum underlying planetary alignment and solar activity.

Remember just because gravity isn’t “chaotic” or “dumb” doesn’t make it a “design” by some creator. Furthermore just because it demonstrates self-organizing complexity doesn’t mean it is “alive” in the same way that organic lifeforms are. For the very same reason a self-organizing plasma cloud isn’t “alive” in the very same way that an organic carbon based life-form may be.

The reason why I re-iterate this is because when people hear about this information they either get hitched on the idea of creationism, astrology, or panpsychism and that makes scientific minded atheists reject the whole idea. Here is the crux of it all – You DO NOT need “magic” to have complex order in outer space! Even if you want to chalk it up to quantum mechanics, that is still mathematical. What we are dealing with is more like a mix of astronomy, astrophysics and heliogeophysics.

With that being said – depending on where the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn land in relationship to the Hale cycle, it can shorten or elongate that solar cycle of sunspot density. This is one of the astronomical variables that complicate the climate model. Not that we cannot integrate the variable, but that it will certainly take some careful diplomacy in our politically heated environment. Furthermore this is just one example of that sophisticated clockwork I mentioned earlier. I’ll get more in to this in another article but for now let’s talk about the correlations between gas giant conjunction, solar activity, temperature, and economics here on Earth.

I’ll let Brian set the stage here:

“…they were able to show that there was a statistically significant relationship between the angular positions of Jupiter and Saturn and the sunspot cycles’ variations. “

I used the standard Wolf number graphs from 1749 to the present day and found that the general curve between the expected timing of sunspot minima and maxima in fact agreed quite well, the peaks were often phase shifted for periods of time and then would return to in-phase conditions. (See chart 2.)”

He’s basically saying that the solar hale cycle will momentarily go out of harmony with the 90x degree alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, but is nonetheless in harmony most of the time. As you will learn, this has something to do with the periodic intervention of other gas giants that are meant to prevent the cycles from permanently drifting out of phase due to their slightly different lengths. It is equivalent to momentary disturbance for long term harmony.

This is where Brian begins to discover that smaller gas giants are throwing the solar cycle and jupi-saturn alignment cycles back in to harmony as they begin to drift apart.

Chart 6

“The conjunction of Saturn and Uranus occurred in 1898 and it also occurred in 1987.This cycle is about 45 years and so this period represents two cycles between the planets. It appears that these particular conjunctions were pivotal in changing the polarity of the Saturn and Jupiter cycle to keep it aligned with the sunspot cycle.”

In other words it is as if Uranus is partially responsible for maintaining harmony between the sun and larger gas giants through periodically intervening with it’s own alignment. If you look at the graph above it is as if this smaller gas giant “cuts through the magnetic line of force” at just the right moment – restoring harmony between the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and Hale solar cycle before they drift out of phase,

“The agreement between the two curves, the Saturn/Jupiter curve and the sunspot cycle are statistically extremely significant. In fact there is no meaningful difference between the two sets of data.”

The reason why this is such relevant information is because even now, in 2021 – 5 years later they still consider the Sun to be “quasi-periodic” if not chaotic. They don’t acknowledge the proven role gas giants play in establishing the solar hale cycle. Why? Two main reasons: the politicization of anthropogenic climate change, and an utter detest for anything vaguely resembling astrology.

The author re-iterates the ironclad nature of this statistical information and follows through with his electromagnetic conduit theory. I personally think it could also be gravitational-tidal in nature but I do believe that electromagnetic conduits play a role via interplanetary magnetic flux transfer.

“The most likely cause of this phenomena is that the basis is electrical and that the interchanges of energy seen by NASA in the form of massive electro-magnetic conduits between the sun and the earth must also occur with the other planets. Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and of course, Jupiter have massive electromagnetic fields and these fields must interact electrically.”

The author is also an electrical engineer and he claims that the dynamic activity of our solar system resembles the dynamo pattern of an electrical alternator switching phases.

“The relative positions of Jupiter and Saturn follow a simple dynamo pattern as in an electrical alternator. When the planets are either, depending on the polarity of the cycle, at angle of 90, or 270 degrees, or at zero or 180 degrees the two fields cancel each other out and this appears to dissipate the storms on the sun.”

I think it’s important to mention that this whole “electrical” fix that our civilization has for ignoring magnetism can be quite confusing. You see magnetism guides electricity but it is more highly spherical and difficult to engineer so our entire society has become preoccupied with this linear idea of electricity. However reality is more highly magnetic.

The main point being that the “electrical alternator” Brian mentions is an “electromagnetic alternator” Why? Because there are no wires in space. Technically the closest thing to a wire would be that MAGNETIC flux rope. See what I did there? Magnetism is not always messy guys sometimes it creates straight lines too maybe you should give it some credit every now and again.

“The dynamo of Jupiter and Saturn must be created by the planets cutting the lines of force of the interplanetary electromagnetic field as the two planets orbit the sun. (See image 1.)

At times they amplify each other and at other times they cancel each other’s fields out

Image 1. An image of the structure of the interplanetary magnetic field.
(L. Svalgaard)

The university of Colorado proposed the effect has something to do with a type of gravitational amplification unknown to modern physics, however the author Brian Johnson is pretty convinced that their are fundamental electrical physics at play. He points to the polarity changes shifting out of phase during the alignment of smaller gas giants as evidence that it is more like an “magnetic line of force” being cut in the interplanetary magnetic field resulting in electromagnetic changes.

Although it is of course possible and in my opinion far more likely that the dynamic is electromagnetic AND gravitational in nature. As I mentioned previously there is an architecture of complex gravitational synchronization that enables the unfolding of planetary alignment at just the right moment.
However, the author continues to explain

“I examined the relationship between the gravitational tidal effects of Jupiter and Saturn in relation to the magnitude and timing of the sunspot cycle and I found it did not follow strict gravitational formulae. If we use the mass times the distance squared the effects are too small to measure. “

“What I found was that if you took the ratio of the mass of Jupiter and Saturn respectively as 134 and 40 multiplied by the sine of half the angle between each planet and the center of the galaxy and then add the two resultants together you get very good approximation of the timing and the magnitude of the sunspot cycles. However, it suffers from the same problem of phase shifting as seen above.”

Hmm you wouldn’t necessarily expect that but it does make sense that the solar cycle is pacing itself based on the angle of the gas giants toward the center of the galaxy, which is technically the parent source of gravity for our sun.

Chart 7

“In 1927 there was a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune and in 1990 there was a conjunction of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. A T-test gives a correlation of 0.86 between the predicted and the actual Wolf numbers for the sunspot cycles between 1900 and the present era. (See chart 7.)”

Okay so this is actually really cool because he’s saying that the alignment of smaller gas giants with Saturn or Jupiter can account for the discrepancies in predictive modelling. As you can see around 1927 and 1900 the predictions falter because they don’t include momentary phase switching induced by smaller gas giants like Uranus and Neptune.

“The graph above shows the correlation between the adjusted tidal effects of Jupiter and Saturn on the Sunspot cycles. Red is the Wolf numbers and blue is the prediction. It is easy to tell that there is an obvious correlation between the prediction made by the cycles of Jupiter and Saturn with the appropriate polarity changes as noted above. The Pearson correlation is r-0.515 and any value above 0.5 shows that there is a definite correlation between the two sets of data. The p value is greater than 0.00001.””

He goes on to explain

“All of the physics presented here can be explained through electrical dynamos and circuits, but the power involved is so staggeringly enormous that these results are wholly unexpected. The NASA studies which have revealed the powerful conduits that exist between the sun and the earth are the most likely circuits upon which the electrical currents flow, but to affect the sun in such a powerful way as to actually parallel the storms during our Sunspot cycle staggers the imagination. “

Just to summarize what he means very quickly- during a 90X degree alignment of Jupiter and Saturn it is as if the two planets “suck out” the electromagnetic-plasma energy from solar storms on the Sun. Brian thinks that happens through a magnetic flux transfer event between the sun and gas giants, carrying all this electromagnetic plasma across the solar system and away from the sun to the gas giants.

However I partially disagree with the rank order priority of this statement. Brian is an electrical engineer so he is fixating on the electromagnetic quality but it is demonstrable that complex gravitational synchronization is “setting the ground” for electromagnetic exchange to occur and be maintained in regular intervals, as I mentioned earlier. Perhaps that is what he is referring to as the “circuit”

Now lets get in to the good stuff! Temperature and how it is more highly correlated with the gas giants then the Sun! I’m sure you would have never guessed that one.

“If we look at the variation from the mean temperature of the southern hemisphere from 1860 to 1990 and we compare it to the Jupiter and Saturn Cycle we get an almost perfect match. “

Chart 8
From this graph we can see that the prime stimulus to subtle climate variations (blue) on the earth are caused by the Jupiter/Saturn Cycle (red.)

The graph for the Jupiter/Saturn Cycle was constructed by assigning a value of 0 for the conjunctions, 15 at the quadratures and 30 for the oppositions with the appropriate polarity changes as noted above.
All of the polarity changes occurred around the time of a conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter.
The correlation between the two sets of data is r-0.71, which is very significant for this type of data. P <0.00001.”

Again this is NOT a political flex. We NEED to know this in order to coordinate our efforts to mitigate climate change.

“The same procedure was used for the world as a whole from 1900 to 2000. It was discovered that the world as a whole did vary more rapidly more akin to the response of the solar cycle and their was only one polarity change during the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in 1945. This relationship is not as coherent as for the Southern Hemisphere alone and less significant, but clearly correlated. R=0.6277 p=0.0030”

Chart 9
Global Temperatures versus the Jupiter Saturn Cycle with a polarity change in 1945 with the Neptune/Jupiter conjunction.

“From these investigations we can see that the various cycles are not in complete agreement and the observed changes in the earth’s climate are not directly influenced by the sunspot cycle, but rather with the cycle of Jupiter and Saturn with changes in polarity occurring when Jupiter is in conjunction with Neptune at the end of the cycle. “

“The possible mechanism for all of these changes may be the conduits formed between the sun and the various planets and when the conjunctions occur the conduits align causing a cascade of the X-points creating vast changes in the electromagnetic climate of the solar system. 12, ( )”

“The changes in the the electromagnetic climate of the solar system may cause the atmosphere of the earth to heat up as a result of the energy input of the X-point cascades which injects energy into the earth system resulting in climate changes. These climate changes then create more, or less favorable growing conditions which in turn results in the economic cycles which are defined by the Cattle Cycle.”

So now you can go around telling people how the bovine need Saturn and Jupiter!

“With these tools we should now be able to more easily predict the future for the economic cycles which affect the world’s economy and be able to predict astronomical influences over climate change.”

A very important distinction here is how the effects differ slightly based on the side of Earth you are on.

“The curve of the temperature variations for the Southern Hemisphere is very strongly linked to the Jupiter/Saturn cycle and not to the sunspot cycle. There is only a very loose correlation between these two factors as the polarity changes are not in sync. Nor is there a correlation between temperature changes and the magnetic orientation of the sun, which changes approximately every 22 years which is also out of sync.”

“These factors are probably why the link between the sun and climate change has not been easily proven in the past as it is not the prime cause of temperature variations on the earth which appear to be more closely related to the electromagnetic changes in the interplanetary field of the solar system.”

“These changes now appear to be largely driven by the cycles of the outer gas giant planets and their geometrical relationship to each other, which is fairly easily understood through standard electromagnetic physics.”

The Cattle Cycle, Sunspots, Climate Changes and the Orbital Interactions of the Gas Giant Planets



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