Podcast: Obtain Whole Brain Activation, Reduce Compartmentalization

Let’s increase inter-hemispheric communication throughout the brain in order to remove unnecessary conflict between factions of ideology and enable creative problem solving to emerge in times of crisis. The modern psychological over-compartmentalization of consciousness is one of the primary reasons behind our current stale-mate of political radicalization.

Around the world here on planet Earth it is the norm to have a highly compartmentalized form of consciousness. Although everyone utilizes the whole brain most people prefer one hemisphere over the other. They may prefer the left or the right Hemisphere or perhaps even the frontal cortex over the posterior, central or peripheral etc. It is this form of psychological compartmentalization that is akin to a functional psychosis within society that prevents us from grasping the full nature of reality. It is arguable that compartmentalization emerges in the first place to protect our ego from Identity fracture when we have to participate within a very large group of many interacting archetypes. It is my hypothesis however that this has become highly exaggerated due to a larger population density.

The subconscious mind is capable of emotionally warping your perspective to protect you from mental illness. It will actually exaggerate your opinion of a particular subject matter based on how well it thinks you can deal with the nature of reality in it’s full breadth. This form of emotional warping contributes to psychological compartmentalization although they are not necessarily the same thing. However I would contest that obtaining a more integrated form of inter-hemispheric communication throughout the brain is actually the norm for humankind at least throughout most of their history and that it is only relatively recently due to the invention of agriculture and urbanization that Humanity has become more psychologically compartmentalized in the utilisation of their brain, as a biological reflection of the fixated nature of settlement.

I would contest however that working toward more inter-hemispheric communication and fuller activation of the brain can potential long-standing form of primordial intelligence that would help aid humanity in negotiation, diplomacy, innovation problem solving and the type of interdisciplinary understanding that is capable of bridging the divide between severed factions of humanity. It also the very type of interconnected understanding that can lead to the sort of problem solving that is required now more then ever. I think that a global effort to encourage more inter-hemispheric communication among the citizens of Earth is probably our best bet at solving some of the world’s greatest problems in our current era.

Furthermore inter-hemispheric communication is highly rated to key principles and psychophysiology and neurology such as ambidexterity. It stands to reason that we should design future architecture to encourage the use of ambidexterity and fuller movements within the body during behavior. The brain and body are linked so that would design would enable a more holistic activation of the full brain to emerge more naturally bringing forth the type of Innovation and creative problem solving that is required right now.

Unfortunately the parasitic quality of collective group-think is going to have to come to terms with the fact that when people engage in more inter-hemispheric communication you become much better at figuring things out on their own and likely also far more independent as well. Look at it this way when you have a society full of healthy individuals who are capable of holding their own ground and understanding one another more accurately than a lot of the conflict, a lot of the war between human beings separated by culture religion or creed may evaporate through a clearer understanding of each others true intention. Through a clearer understanding of reality people will not be as inclined to identify with fleeting ideologies that have no grounding in truth. Inter-hemispheric communication throughout the brain may allow for unity based on the interconnected truth of reality rather then simply identifying with something for the sake of tradition alone.

In this manner as well I do believe that it’s important we understand the effects of our Earth’s electromagnetic field on electrical activity within the brain. We need to begin parsing the nature of our relationship to the atmosphere at large insofar as it how it affects inter-hemispherical activity throughout the brain. For example they have proven that there is more inter-hemispherical activity, as as more activity in the frontal and central regions of the brain during a geomagnetic storm. This is where a form of decentralized geomagnetic biofeedback technology may come in handy. If we’d like to encourage the type of crowd-soured problem solving that is required right now then we are going to need to form some kind of transparent infrastructure of information in order to anticipate the effects of space weather and geomagnetic disturbance on the human brain.

However with that being said let’s try to remain a little more grounded here. This is going to have to begin in education. Our current educational system is highly compartmentalized obviously resembling our preference for the left hemisphere at least within Western Society. We often explain to our children the nature of science the nature of art or mathematics or physical activity but very rarely do we explain the connection between them. Rarely do we including any form of interdisciplinary primary education for example. There appears to be no emphasis on this at all which is quite concerning. There is not even one interdisciplinary class from primary education that I can remember.

Including interdisciplinary subject throughout primary education may help children become more inter-hemispherical in there brain activity allowing for higher quality individual adults that are more autonomous in their thinking and highly capable of dealing with the changing nature of reality, the economy and planet at large. This is also why early nourishment of inter-hemispheric communication throughout the brain goes hand in hand with the establishment of a unified field theory of physics and consciousness.

You need some kind of overlaying topological vantage point in order to establish the prioritization of smaller sub sectors of interdisciplinary science. That is why beginning with a unified field theory of physics and consciousness should make it a lot easier because then you can look a things from the top down, allowing you to establish a smaller branching subsection of interdisciplinary fields that people may find easier to grasp at the beginning of this multi-generational process.

In this way over several generations of humankind we may nurture humanity to allow for holistic brain activation to emerge naturally as a result of the early childhood environment. It also important to remember that we are not composed of only our brain. There is a cerebral intellectual bias within western society that needs to be acknowledged if we are to reach our full potential. We are not only our brain we are also our heart and our entire body. That biological system operates by virtue of an electromagnetic coherence.

Based on how your brain waves overlap with your heart rate you are capable becoming more healthy or prone to illness. Electromagnetic coherence is a quantifiable state within the human body that can be explained through principles of neurology and psychophysiology. It is my belief that inter-hemispheric communication and biological coherence among humanity is actually the primary intended state of human nature and that we are going through a temporary period of psychological compartmentalization from the comparatively sudden occurrence of fixated settlement in response to Agriculture. It is my hypothesis that it actually creates a fixation within the mind that manifests as a form of neuropsychological compartmentalization. Not that agriculture is inherently wrong nor bad or dangerous however I do believe that certain compensatory measures are required in order to retain the full potential of the individual inhabiting a fixed society with a much larger population density.

Furthermore I do believe that career specialization plays a role in exasperating the circumstances of over compartmentalization within the brain. I think there needs to be a more emphasis paid to encouraging a generalization of employment and teaching people how to become adaptable and fluid in they’re learning process throughout their aging years. That is especially the case for mitigating technological unemployment. As people get older it is generally the case that they become slower to learn. I do think that as you get older you should still be continuing to learn new things in order to make sure that you can adapt to the changing world in its present state. Which is changing faster now than it ever has before.


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