Hybrid Economy: 3D Printing Cash From Crypto That Can Be Exchanged For Gold

Oftentimes when you hear about alternative economics you may hear about cryptocurrency, cash or gold in isolation. However they are often not considered under the same roof. I think that it is a possible to construct a cryptocurrency that can also be turned into cash through a form of 3D printing. I believe that through this methodology we may construct a more durable, long-standing alternative economy that is based on the storage of symbolic value online in the form of cryptocurrency with the option to 3D print cash that has all the usual holographic security protocols.

Furthermore I would suggest we also create a way of exchanging that cash for precious metals such as gold or silver. In my opinion it’s better to have a three-prong economic system that is more durable in the unfortunate case of electrical grid collapse. Again there is this underlying theme of change: shedding the skin of the old world and transforming into something newer. something better. In order to do that we’re going to have to become highly adaptable in our symbolic representation of value. That’s why I believe a cryptocurrency, 3D printed Into cash which can then be exchanged for gold or perhaps even silver may be a very good alternative to our present system.

It is a rather simple elegant concept that doesn’t necessarily need too much extrapolation at this point. Of course I’m open to questions or inquiries as to how that may be accomplished or where there may be issues in the design that could interfere with it’s implementation. In general, I do believe it’s important we do not remain fixated on one option or the other because there’s actually no reason why we cannot create a hybrid economy that combines futuristic concepts like cryptocurrency and 3D printing into older notions of physical cash that can be exchanged for gold. That way we’re covering all the usual bases at once.

Anyways it is just an idea for now, a project proposal if you will. One of the hardest parts of establishing this system might be securing the design of 3D printers so that they are basically unhackable and that you cannot print fraudulent currency. This may require a form of advanced Quantum encryption. Literally unhackable otherwise the entire probability wave function will collapse ruining the data for any potential hacker. This is the beauty of quantum encryption and I think it’s worthy of mentioning it is different then quantum superintelligence in that it is not AI.

These are all factors that we are going to have to contend with in order to create a secure form of cryptocurrency that can also be backed up by some kind of real physical rarity. I do believe that 3D printed cash is a good fluid transitional medium between cryptocurrency and gold. We may even be able to liquefy the cash back in to cryptocurrency through insertion back in to the 3D printer much like an ATM – whereby the machine can then melt the cash back in to it’s constituent material for printing again, giving you your cryptocurrency in return.


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