“Telepathy” as Radioemission or Quantum Tunelling? CIA, Academic Research

Cross referencing declassified FoIA CIA Document with scientific, and academic research on the subject matter of telepathy.

The declassified document is available here: Danish Scientist Reports on October 76 Alma-ata Parapsychology conference

  1. Case of multiple sclerosis characterized by a more uneven distribution of biophotons in between the two hands and in particular a larger difference in the time delay between excitation and biophoton emission on each hand (1)
  2. Cancer demonstrates light asymmetry in areas of the body separated from tumor (ears in the case of liver tumor). Emission and delay are rather rigid and do not change as they do in healthy people (1)
    So in that case there may be patterns of ultraviolet biophoton emission that can be “intuited” by a gifted person from afar.

Now there’s not necessarily very much about radio signals per say at least in the literature I was able to find however there is quite a lot of mention of how specific patterns of pulsed electromagnetic radiation can enhance or deter quantum tunneling between brain microtubules AND pockets of space time as was demonstrated between separated chemical reactions of hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorite. Remember that radio waves are a narrow sliver of the “electromagnetic spectrum”

Since radio-emissions are a wavelength of electromagnetism it would stand to reason that they could enhance quantum tunneling between individuals as well. As long as the wave pattern were structured similarly enough, like in the case of the Laurentian U studies. It would follow that slower telepathy may originally begin with a delay equivalent to the speed of radio emission but then eventually become instantaneous due to habitual entrainment in the pattern of electromagnetic vibration between the organisms involved in interaction.
The Institute of Noetic Sciences has demonstrated preliminary evidence of a genetic connection, raising the possibility that telepathy may be more likely between gifted family members. Which has been the folklore for quite some time.

What’s important to remember is that spikes in nervous system activity reverberate in to the environment as an electromagnetic field pulsation creating a patterned wavefront of EM as the heart beats, especially if they are in tune with the brain wave structure. This effect is further modulated by muscular contraction. If two “patterns” of nervous system activity between people become similar enough or are already similar enough it will create a match between their bioelectromagnetic field rhythm, further enhancing the quantum tunneling of light and electricity between the organisms. At least given the theoretical framework of Laurentian U.

In that way we may consider the contribution of genetics, proximity and emotional bonding as potential variables in the ease at which frequency matching occurs between the bioelectromagnetic field pulsation of two individuals; resulting in the enhancement of a natural form of quantum tunneling. Because of this It may be more useful to think of “telepathy” as a natural, biological quantum network of subatomic particle tunneling enhanced by matching frequencies of electromagnetism SUCH AS radio frequency. However when and only if those frequencies are structured similarly on the emitting and receiving end does the interaction become super-luminal (beyond light speed).

From simple extrapolation of experimental findings from Laurentian University, IONs and Heartmath as well as declassified documents from the CIA we can postulate that telepathy is both electromagnetic and quantum mechanical in nature rather than just solely a form of radiocommunication. However it’s important to note that radio-communication may also play a role as the actual frequency range of radio is a bandwidth of electromagnetism at play within the human body.

There is a notably high concentration of magnetite throughout the human body. The highest concentration of magnetite, the most magnetic mineral on Earth, is within the heart, which has been proven to respond geomagnetic field fluctuations. Magnetite is shaped like an octahedron, which is basically two connected pyramids. It may serve as one of the primary “receptors” for electromagnetic field detection.

It’s interesting to note, as well how it has recently been demonstrated that the the Giza Pyramid can absorb and concentrate radio-waves. The question being: might it be the unique shape and proportions of the pyramid shape itself that aid in the transmission/reception of EM energy, much in the same was that a triode tube, anductive antenna or condenser shaped cell would throughout the body?

Again academic research out of Laurentian University would seem to suggest that there is more going on then radiospeed “communication over a certain distance”. Academics aside, even if you wanna look at claims made by former psychic spies for the us military: with enough training, people can see what happening anywhere instantaneously or even look some time in to the future.

Albeit “controlled remote viewing” does require a lot of training and is subject to inaccuracy the statistical chances of success at portraying a distance location are much higher than random.

At least according to psychic spies from the declassified “Stargate Program” telepathy is instantaneous or at the very least superluminal in it’s non-local transmission of information rather then what they are suggesting here in this particular document as being solely limited by the speed of radiowave transmission.

In a similar fashion Laurentian U narrowed down the science of “telepathy” to a natural form of quantum subatomic particle tunneling taking place between microtubules of the Brain. Which would make it either superluminal and/or near instantaneous, rather then traveling solely at the speed of radio transmission.

Remember, there could also be different levels to what we consider “telepathy”. Perhaps one that is less familiarized, which relies on biological radiotransmission and another that has become quantum mechanically entangled through familiarization. The speed of radiowaves for example may just play an initial role in the entrainment of bioelectromagnetic field pulsation between individuals who are more different from one another in their nervous system activity.

On that subject, the CIA declassified a document about “electrical telekinesis” describing how contracting the hand musculature can produce a stronger bioelectromagnetic field capable of moving this small object. In that particular limited use case scenario the effect predominantly arises from the propagation of an electromagnetic field wavefront toward the object from nerves in the hand rather than anything purely quantum mechanical. That may also be a feature of close range telekinesis in general.

“Electrical telekinesis” is short range compared to the the US military and CIAs purported use of “remote influencing” which according to them is all about exerting influence over the outcome of a”random system” from afar. That for example may rely more heavily on quantum tunneling of biophoton radiation and less on “biological radiocommunication”. What is interesting about electrical telekinesis is how the CIA claimed the ability was “trainable”.

According to Laurentian University, quantum tunneling between microtubules of the human brain and an electrical circuitboard (running a random number generator) can be enhanced during particular astronomical configurations such as when the full moon is traversing through the earths magnetotail. That is allegedly due to a slight differential in the amount of gravitational field strength felt on the skin, picked up on a subconscious level.

As far as determining the outcome of random systems from afar, it would seem that astronomical configurations may play a role in determining the “strength of intention” according to Laurentian U. That consciousness itself, behaves very much like a gravitational wave in that it’s strength appears to be enhanced or deterred by astronomical phenomena.

Looking at this from another angle; the electromagnetic field strength of the Sun changes during planetary alignment. Depending on the angle of alignment, between gas giants in particular, as well as where they land in relationship to the Solar Hale cycle it can reduce or enhance solar emission.

In the case of increased solar emission from alignment that may result in more solar storming, increasing the rate of geomagnetic storms here on Earth. This would have a direct effect on our abilities here. It has been proven for example that a geomagnetic storm can deter telepathy and precognition while enhancing “biological psychokinesis” of blood samples in a petri dish.

That is only one example of how the ionosphere may have an effect on telepathy for example in the case of the quoted CIA document above. It has also been demonstrated how calmer geomagnetic conditions can result in higher chance hit rates in precognition.

The main point being that through logical deduction we may extrapolate the likely effects of gas giant alignment on the ionosphere and therefor ESP/PK based on how the angle of alignment 15X or 90X can influence the sun and therefor Earth. In other words – whether or not the Sun is likely to disturb or calm the earths geomagnetic field through a rising or decreasing electromagnetic field strength of it’s own.

Of course the angle of sunspot ejecta matters. However i think it’s relevant to mention that can also be demonstrated through statistical astronomy to rely on planetary alignment. It is true for example that sunspots explode when planets pass by them, further simplifying much of this in to a system of basic geometric symmetry. At least as far as space weather and how it may effect the terrestrial ionosphere and human consciousness.

In the declassified CIA document about electrical telekinesis they explained how an increasing negative electrical charge emitted from the hand was able to propel small object across the table due to the tables opposingly positive charge and objects similar negative charge.

Bioelectrics are a reoccurring theme throughout this sort of declassified literature. The CIA released a document about real energy healing that explains how an increasing negatively charge in the healer hand is able to push ions from the air in to the patients positively charged body, regenerating tissue with an “ionic wind” current.

Acupuncture points have been proven by scientific research to coincide with a difference in microwave propagation throughout the body. Furthermore, there are specific neurotransmitters that show up more often around the coordinate of an acupuncture point, which may provide a mechanism for emotions involvement in establishing the right bio-electrical field conditions for “telekinesis”

You could imagine, as you are attempting to willfully modulate the charge differential between acupuncture coordinates throughout your body you may also be activating reservoirs of emotion through interaction with a heavier density of neurotransmitters in the region surrounding the acupuncture point.

People who practice mind body exercises such as yoga and meditation are better able to control the rate of bio-photon emission from their body, some in alignment with their intent (emission from the body, head, arms, or legs etc). The question being – could you learn how to modulate the electrical current over a specific acupuncture point through will alone? Is there a way to train this?

Remember, raw production of bio-electromagnetic radiation is one thing but to use that outgoing energy for real telekinesis would allegedly require a more finely tuned control over the relative emission of bio-photons from the right and left side of the body, apparently in accordance with specific acupuncture points.

Imagine a publicly funded scientific project to document the electroaurogram of voluntary participants involved in an experiment such as this. In that way we may learn the electromagnetic architecture of extended human consciousness. Perhaps for example we could use scientific funding raised on the Ethereum blockchain to begin a decentralized investigation in to this phenomena that is not subject to institutional bias.


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