Atmospheric Biofeedback Technology Could Save Millions of Lives

We know that the condition of Earths geomagnetic field is highly significant to people with cardiovascular disease and mental illness. People are more prone to stroke, seizures and heart attack when there is a geomagnetic storm. As well as suicide and psychiatric admission. We also know that is has a wide-spanning effect on human behavior in general, sometimes stimulating, but also potentially harmful depending on our personal and familial health history. Increased solar and geomagnetic activity has also been proven to correlate with warfare. Furthermore there are specific effects to the brain and What if we could prevent the health, behavioral and societal consequences of disturbance to our atmosphere through a novel form of biofeedback technology?

Remember that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the entire world. It might be a good place to start if you want to save lives. If that is the case it does seem to make geomagnetic biofeedback technology a huge priority in healthcare. That is if you are actually trying to prevent people from dying or being in ill-health. Geomagnetic biofeedback would differ from atmospherical biofeedback in that it doesn’t necessarily include temperature, humidity or barometric pressure for example even though these are also important. The reason why I highlight geomagnetic biofeedback technology is because it is invisible, not necessarily as obvious and yet far more significant. This is because solar-geomagnetic changes can LEAD to weather changes.

The negative impact of extremes in geomagnetic frequency are especially dramatic for the clinical population. That is a large amount of the hospital population going through all sort of illnesses (1) (2) . Their health is more at risk from sudden fluctuations in the field or when the frequency is too low or too high for too long. It’s important that we monitor biofeedback information (HR, HRV, Brain waves) from the hospital population in order to reference it with the available geomagnetic data and forecasting efforts in order to plan for, or even prevent certain conditions from worsening.

Geomagnetic storms are one thing but even flat geomagnetic readings can bring about their own risks:

Results revealed a significant rise in the number of emergencies (n = 1,567,576) and total deaths number (n = 46,360) during extremely low values for example.

Sudden cardiac deaths, cerebral stroke, acute myocardial infarction occurrence, and trauma were also absolutely more registered at days with “Zero” GMA level, despite the small number of such days.

However, aside from the already hospitalized, extreme geomagnetic conditions can also increase hospital and psychiatric admissions (1) (2) (3) (4) especially for people with depression and cardiovascular complications. So not only do you have an increase in risk factors within the hospital itself but also for people who need medical care from outside of the hospital coming in.

In one study they traced that under conditions of neurous and emotional stresses (at work, in the street, and in cars) the effect may be larger (∼ 30 %) for healthy people. Which is where a lot of the admissions may be coming from in that case.

|On that note, extreme geomagnetic conditions have been proven to lead to increases in

This is likely derived from proven disturbances to our vestibular motor balance system and reaction time.

In general there is a need for geomagnetic biofeedback technology in the area of healthcare and epidemiology but beyond that, the favor should also be extended to the public at large

We have various forms of bio-feedback technology already: Think HR monitoring apps, Muse for meditation etc.

However what if we could also integrate live geomagnetic forecasting in to a biofeedback application for personal healthcare maintenance and wellness. Remember geomagnetism need not be fatal, it could just be stimulating or slightly disruptive. What if you had an app that informed you of when might be a better time to meditate or relax before the geomagnetic field began to spike? How about a tactile vibration on the wrist in order to increase HRV? Responsible for emotional self-regulation. There’s already a bracelet that can do that for example. We should integrate this form of biofeedback technology with solar-geomagnetic forecasting so that the vibration on your wrist can increase HRV before electromagnetic interference can decrease it. Resulting a lesser chance of heart attack or mental disturbance for example.

An integration of Muse style technology is in order as well as geomagnetism has been proven to alter your brain wave activity. Having knowledge of your brain wave state before you are more likely to have a stroke, or seizure might be useful don’t you think? Apply direction oriented breathing exercises with binaural beats through your headphones on top of the tactile vibration of the wrist and you have a much better chance of mitigating any disruption to your nervous sytem. Make sense doesn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a decentralized form of technology that could display our biofeedback information while also actively attempting to help us improve the condition of our health? Of course that also brings us to the point of human optimization. It takes you beyond risk mitigation to actual optimization of the human organism for co-existence with the Earth and Suns own electromagnetic field environment.

Outside of geomagnetism however, studies have proven that barometric pressure, temperature and the conditions of weather in general should all be tracked in order to predict hospital admission rates and epidemiological outcomes in healthcare. That is what makes it more like a generalized form of atmospheric biofeedback technology (1) It is another form of prehabilitation that may even be able to be used in coordination with genetic sequencing for the purposes of informing the individual on genetic predispositions, which would plug back in to solar-geomagnetic monitoring. The bottom line is any such system would need to be trustworthy. Thats why it should be based on a transparent decentralized blockchain. Preferably quantum encrypted for that matter.

Using this technology we may be able to save millions of a lives through a type of medical prehabilitation that can time the intake of medicine to prevent the worst effects of geomagnetism before it happens. Beyond that even an ordinary person who was slightly more prone to cardiovascular complication could have a geomagnetic biofeedback application that would be able to tell them when they are at risk for a heart attack based on triangulating the heart rate with geomagnetic field activity.

Aside from it’s clinical application however atmospheric biofeedback technology possesses wide spanning potential as a general wellness tool for avoiding anxiety and other psychological states that accompany extreme atmospheric conditions. Imagine a meditation app that could train the individual to calm down during particular moments of higher geomagnetic activity for example. There would be health benefits across the board for this app and so I think it’s worthy enough to place under our project proposal tab.



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