Theoretical Basis For Portal Technology

Artificially induced quantum teleportation has already been demonstrated under controlled laboratory conditions. Natural forms of quantum tunneling in reverse time have been measured between the Sun and Earth. This notion of entanglement between sources of gravity is  the basis for popular theories in quantum gravity. It is interesting to observe how science fiction depicts teleportation as a deconstruction and reconstruction of particulate matter. With that being said – is there any truth to this intuition? How might you re-materialize quantum information on the other side of a portal?

Well technically speaking there is already a natural highway of interplanetary magnetic flux rope between the Earth and the Sun that communicates rather quickly. It may serve us better off in the beginning to see if we can figure out how to ride the wave of a natural “flux transfer event” for example. After you convert the energy of matter in to plasma or light and then shoot it through a flux rope and reconfigure it on the other side, THEN you might be on to something. That would of course take a lot of energy, and a lot of math.. but more on that later.

Flux transfer events are probably occurring between all planets and the Sun. That has been publicly verified in the case of Earth, Saturn and Mercury. It wouldn’t make very much sense if it was happening between some of the planets and not all of them, unless it has something to do with the composition of the atmosphere, which has a lot to do with orbital resonance and tidal locking. That my friends is why a heliospheric monitoring initiative is required. The reason why they might want to continue investigating it is because it could eventually lead to portal technology – which would be much faster then a UAP. Let put it this way – If the governments of the world think that a UAP could pose a security threat, they should try and come up with their own portal technology. Unlike a UFO/UAP it might eventually travel instantaneously and without the need for a vessel.

On Earth we know that flux transfer events occur roughly every 8 minutes. The time differs based on the planets involved, but is like a probabilistic clockwork. In other words – our solar system is filled with a quasi-periodic form of orbital synchronization and therefor it may technically be possible to develop a way of predicting the emergence of a powerful flux transfer event by observing the orbital triangulation of momentum in planetary bodies and how they effect the suns own distribution of plasma flux throughout the solar system, resulting in a flux transfer event to the Earth from the Sun for example. The largest of which has been proven to correlate with powerful geomagnetic storms However this could only work if scientists are actually willing to acknowledge the possibility that other planets may have an effect on the Earth through their mutual participation in a geometrically patterned gravitational-electromagnetic field network of atmospherical exchange with the Sun. Because they see themselves as having struggled for so long against proponents of astrology, that may be difficult for them.

A declassified document from the Defense Intelligence Agency states that all we would need to begin and maintain generation of a portal is some kind of “exotic matter”. Hmm you mean like a quantum electrodynamic metamaterial or perhaps or quantum state of matter? It turns out that the same emerging science that could make antigravity possible may also apply to the invention of a cosmic portal system. Remember that as technology advances it also converges, and you can do more with the same device. Perhaps that also applies to anti-gravity, time travel and portal technology.



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