Introduction to Psychological Systems Theory

This is some of the most widely used terminology throughout the psychological content on my podcast and articles as well as a few new ones I think people should be aware of. They comprise a type of “psychological systems theory” I plan on combining with elements of personality neuroscience and differential psychophysiology. Evolutionary psychology and evolutionary biology in general are also themes I’ve combined with psychological systems theory.

Biological Compatibility

Human beings tend toward biologically compatible actions most of the time. That is why we have been able to accumulate in to larger and larger aggregations of organic life throughout history. Biological compatibility is the closest thing we have to an undeniable definition of “good”. In everyday life it is smiling to someone as you walk by.. it is asking “how are you”, starting a conversation for the sake of it, keeping the door open for someone behind you, returning a wallet you found, hand-shaking, or hugging someone when you meet them again. It is engaging in trade and commerce instead of warfare. It is the general good-will that most people have for most others in the world here on the ground level. In general, people prefer to bond with one another rather then remain in confrontation all the time. Why? because most people are good. It also why fear mongering in the media is an ungrounded and inaccurate perspective of reality.

Antibiology, Biological Incompatibility

Antibiology is a knowingly proliferated form of biologically incompatible conduct resulting from reflection of perceived childhood transgression. It is when the pleasure center becomes coupled with a biologically degrading act that may traditionally be called “evil”. The perceived transgression has something to do with the inaccuracy of our childhood “simulation” That can range from way too harsh to way too easy. However either one of these can have an effect on the individuals mental health once they reach adulthood, potentially compromising their psychological integrity, and resulting in antibiological conduct. The “shock” is equivalent to being dunked in to cold water and then lashing out.

Evolutionary Logic

Evolutionary logic is a common sense scientific extrapolation of evolutionary biology for the for the purposes of human optimization. It looks at the trajectory of evolutionary biology and how people differ now from the tribal, hunter- gatherer lifestyle that composed most of our evolutionary history. It assumes that particular lifestyle trends from the past have momentum and that suddenly halting them results in consequences for mental and physical health. Most importantly of all – it comes up with specific ways to disperse that momentum more gradually through diet, exercise, and temperature, light exposure.

Evolutionary Mismatch

Evolutionary mismatch occurs when the present lifestyle of an organism is seriously unlike anything from the majority of it’s evolutionary past. It is happening with human beings right now and is solely responsible for a large portion of physical and mental health ailments that arise. Think about posture, breathing, artificial light, thermal insulation, electromagnetic pollution, lack of physical activity diet etc. The paleolithic diet, cold showers, fasting and functional fitness are one of many useful methods for counteracting the forces of evolutionary mismatch.

Simulated Scarcity

Simulated scarcity is an umbrella term used to refer to some of the counterbalancing habits we can partake in to offset some of the worst effects of evolutionary mismatch. They are also a way to increase motivation and drive. The idea being – by simulating scarcity within your control you can stoke the flames of neurological impulse that arise from an evolutionary instinct to survive. When you fast you get more attentive and aware. When you delay gratification until later on in the day when all your work is done you are employing the forces of evolutionary psychology in your favor.

Self-Directed Psychophysiological Adaptation

Self directed psycho-physiological adaptation is a method of ventilating emotional-psychological pressure by literally changing the thermal state of your body. It could be through deep breathing, exercise or cold exposure – the point being you are attempting to consciously direct the forces of psychophysiology instead of just throwing yourself in to emotionally charged situations, in other words you BECOME the effect to the cause of your own emotional ventilation.

Tactical Minimalism

Tactical minimalism is a personal philosophy of engagement that sheds absolutely everything unnecessary in favor of more effective technique toward a justified intention. It re-orients the creative life force energy of BEING to that which emerges FROM WITHIN the individual: Speech, body, mind, health and all other aspects that are inherently a part of you while detaching from irrelevant material belongings, temporary gratification or any other form of unnecessary encumbrance. It is also about “reducing the surface area of attack vector” that can be exploited by people with malevolent intention.

Compartmentalized Psyche

Compartmentalized psychology is a concept to keep in mind. It is the main feature that keeps individuals within our society from attempting to objectively evaluate reality in it’s full complexity. Cognitive dissonance emerges when people are rewarded for sticking to a particular role within the group. A singular group function allows them the luxury of ignoring the full breadth of reality most of the time. It is the origin of why pure truth is rarely communicated. Complexity fatigue plays a part in this as well. Contemporary politics is a perfect example of formalized compartmentalization of the psyche. Compartmentalized psychology likely emerges from the LITERAL preference for certain areas of the brain over others such as the left, right, front, rear, central or peripheral areas of the brain.

Whole Brain Activation, Global FMRI

Whole Brain activation otherwise known as the flow state. When the entire brain fluctuates at the same frequency. Whole brain activation can range from highly attentive flow in the case of a uniform beta brain wave state of activation to a more trance-like partially meditative unconscious flow in the alpha-theta frequency range

Private – Unconscious Axis

When you know you have to do things that you are ashamed of they tend to “drift” away from the perception of others and in to your private life so that a boundary dissolution becomes apparent between your id/shadow/subconsious and the private realm. It is allow why the emotional difference between your private and public realm should actually begin to shrink as you make progress toward psychological development through accurate representation of the ideal and subsequent elimination of hypocrisy.

Immediate Reactive Emotional Projection of Corrective Burden

Have you ever felt agitated from a mistake that you’ve made and then found yourself immediately getting angry at the minor flaws of other people. Maybe you get more agitated with somebody else’s driving when you misplace an object in the car. Convenient isn’t it? You messed up and now your nervous systems on high alert, making other peoples flaws more apparent to you. Even know in a calmer state you may have disregarded them. Its kind of a gross instinct in human nature to project responsibility for corrective burden. It also kneecaps your ability to learn from it. Maybe we should all do our part to take a moment and breathe in these situations. Account for your own mistakes through emotional ventilation of frustration with self and DO NOT project your agitation on to other people.

Transmutation of Psychological Pressure Through Emotional Ventilation

Psychological transmutation occurs when we re-arrange a negative experience in to positive value through adoption of emotional vulnerability before the psychological pressure of isolation breaches the containment threshold or “boiling point” of repression that leads to compromised psychological integrity and degeneration in to antibiological conduct. Psychological transmutation can take many forms: Therapy, art or even just venting to a friend. However in the case of therapy or “venting” psychological transmutation requires a minimal level of accurate trust for those who are more sensitive to the reception of others. Either way, what you want to avoid at all costs is the immediate reflection of negative energy back in to the environment through projection. It becomes a lot easier to fall in to a muck of your creation. Instead accept the burden of emotional vulnerability required to heal and integrate your truer self.

Geomagnetic Cause Psychological Attribution

We always attempt to ascribe the source of our feelings to some kind of visible external source but a lot of the time a change in mood may have simply been due to an invisible fluctuation in the electromagnetic field condition of our surrounding environment. In a society that is not educated on these invisible features of reality it may result in the incorrect of attribution of emotion to an external visible source like the state of the stock market for example. When in reality they may be feeling dread, anxiety, calm or euphoria due to the geomagneitc byproduct of seismic activity and space weather.

Epitive Dopaminergic Coupling

Healthy sexual urges that are biologically compatible with the reproductive process. Evolutionary biology has formulated reproduction in a way that couples emotionally and biologically nourishing interaction with the engagement of sexual intercourse. This has to be the case, at least most of the time, if our species would like to continue reproducing healthy offspring while also maintaining the psychobiological integrity of the parenting entities before during and after birth. Feeling free to move, breathe in unison and maintain eye contact during sexual intercourse is important most of the time and equivalent to an epitive dopaminergic coupling. There is room for experimentation but in general; biologically compatible conduct is a good waveguide for the establishment of sexual wellness.

Aversive Dopaminergic Coupling

Unhealthy sexual urges that are biologically incompatible with the reproductive process. Our brain map keeps certain actions away from the pleasure center associated with sex for purposes of continued reproduction, safety and sanitation. Exhaustion of the novelty-pleasure seeking axis due to over-reliance on sexual gratification may push people toward fetishization of antibiological conduct as it is often “the only thing thats left” after they have exhausted the well of sexual novelty. It is the over-reliance on novelty for sexual stimulation that may potentially compromise their health, safety and psychological well-being. This actually has a lot to do with the private-unconscious realm and disassociated forms of visual hyper-saturation from pornography consumption.

Novelty – Pleasure seeking Axis

Pleasure is intrinsically linked with the act of novelty seeking through dopamine. That can be more accurately understood as a continuous quest to discover new forms of beauty. Think golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence. It is especially the case for certain extroverted personality types that prioritize the right frontal cortex.



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