News: Atmospheric Energy, Effects on Weather, Jupiter Heating Up

It’s important that we don’t remain to limited in our perspective of alternative agriculture. Recent research would suggest that it will require a multi facetted approach to optimize the ecosystem.

“According to the authors, a landscape mosaic of natural habitats and small-scale and diverse cultivated areas is the key to promoting biodiversity on a large scale in both conventional and organic agriculture.”

In other research scientists have identified the genetic source of heart disease or shall we say the predisposition toward acquiring heart disease.

They should use it in genetic prehabilitation in order to screen the individual for risk. Then if you combine that with geomagnetic biofeedback technology you might be on to something. Why? Because geomagnetism has a greater effect on people with heart disease.

“..a discovery that could lead to opportunities for clinical intervention years before symptoms manifest.”

A scientific article states the utility of power generation directly from the ionosphere and magnetosphere.

“The geosphere has the renewable capacity for power generation and the physical constants by which they are governed”

A new review of plate tectonics theory focuses on the role of earths magnetic field and its reversal properties on the shifting of continental mass.

A scientific article explores the exact correlations between atmosphere electricity and basic meteorological conditions such as cloud formation and temperature.

Another scientific article makes a connection between nuclear fusion on the sun, quantum mechanics and stellar processes in general.

Researchers seem to believe that Jupiter’s heating is caused by the Aurora but what about the galactic cosmic rays filling our solar system?

“…astronomers have created the most-detailed yet global map of the gas giant’s upper atmosphere, confirming for the first time that Jupiter’s powerful aurorae are responsible for delivering planet-wide heating.”


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