The Entrepeneurial Wellspring Initiative: A Network of Change Makers

The entrepreneurial wellspring initiative would be undertaken in attempt to improve economic equality by providing the right medium for communication between new business people working their way from the bottom up. A network of innovators and problem solvers is needed right now. We should try and coordinate our efforts in order to overcome modern day pressures.

The continued consolidation of wealth is a growing threat to our economy. This is especially the case as far as equality of opportunity is concerned. It’s important to make a distinction here because equality of outcome is not the same as equality of opportunity. We want to help people who are psychologically fit for entrepreneurship begin their journey in troubleshooting society.

It doesn’t mean that you give everything to everybody without discernment. The key here is that you want to open up the doors for people who truly have something to offer so that they can innovate and provide their own value to the world in a way that may not have been possible before. The idea being that new innovation will open up entire reservoirs of energy that are yet to be tapped.

All the solutions we need are likely already out there somewhere, however it does require a minimal threshold of integrity within the communication medium for them to emerge naturally. In this way, the entrepreneurial wellspring initiative would be undertaken in an effort to promote entrepreneurial insight in general, through networking between change makers around the world.

The key here is that you want to continue to keep letting new people in to the fold of capitalism, even when entrepreneurs of the old guard become strong and influential. In other words you want to provide an equally diverging force or pressure outward so that the most powerful corporations don’t end up consolidating everything.

The common business practice of erecting barriers to entry for entrepreneurs through governmental conspiring is something that we should be actively trying to be prevent. Capitalism in and of itself is not dangerous if it continues on in the way that it’s supposed to without being unnaturally suppressed by people who are “winning the game”

Either way new solutions and new approaches to old problems have always emerged from the active entrepreneurship of extraordinary people with great ideas. This is what we should be aiming for. However, in order for entrepreneurs to emerge in the first place there must be a minimal threshold of equality in opportunity. As well as an equality of access to the public square of communication.

There mustn’t be any needless barriers to entry for new business people. Furthermore at the very least there must be a minimal threshold of integrity in the communication medium so that people can exchange and discuss new ideas openly. Otherwise the culture won’t be able to ventilate any tension through civil dialogue, nor reorient its centre of mass in the case of required adaptation.

This is where the idea intersects with direct democracy. If citizens have the option to vote on policies directly then we could actively attempt to reorient ourselves in a way that directly reduces the barriers to entry without the need to go through a potentially corrupt 3rd party politician.


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