Jovian Moon Ganymede In Plasma Flux With Jupiter

Scientists have confirmed that Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter and the only moon with a permanent magnetosphere, also experiences the phenomena of magnetic reconnection and transference of plasma between itself and Jupiter.

The discovery is important because it highlights the increasingly significant overall role of magnetic reconnection and flux transfer events throughout the interplanetary space weather environment.

In other words the two celestial bodies share atmospheric content in the form of plasma within a predictable time window similar to the Earths 8 minute window of plasma flux transfer between itself and the Sun.

Including the magnetic reconnection of plasma flux rope between celestial bodies throughout the entire solar system should allow for more accurate forecasting of space weather and it’s subsequent impact on terrestrial climate and weather patterns here on Earth.

Furthermore, the degree of atmospheric electrification from magnetic reconnection of plasma flux rope can also apply to the development of atmospheric biofeedback technology– a tool that could allow us to predict the effect of geomagnetism on organic life through its interaction with the electrical nervous system.


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