Transcranial Photobiomodulation Enhances Vigilance and EEG Alpha Power in The Brain

Placing infrared light emitting diodes over the scalp has been proven to increase levels of vigilance and alpha brain wave activity associated with wakeful relaxation.

Integration of transcranial photobiomodulation in to other forms of brain stimulation technology including magnetic stimulation of the brain could help create a 360 degree approach to a self directed form of non pharmaceutical intervention. Furthermore, there is no reason why we should limit our exploration to the Brain in isolation. How about placing light emitting diodes on the scalp while laying on an infrared mat for example?

“We investigated the effect of transcranial photobiomodulation induced by light emitting diodes by recording 64-chennel electroencephalogram in vivo. Compared to sham, subjects with tPBM showed an increase in vigilance and enhanced EEG alpha power.”

Infrared light therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in general have been proven to help in a myriad of different health conditions. It’s about time we began combining the various forms of infrared, pulsed electromagnetic, and magnetic field therapy with biofeedback technology for tracking the brain and heart rate in order to inform the individual of their own psycho physiological state while also providing a means of changing that state.


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