Generating Energy From The Earths Field Utilizing Ferromagnetic Resonance

Japanese researchers figure out how to generate energy from the movement of particles in a magnetic film and propose that electromagnetism throughout the atmosphere could provide the necessary external forcing.

When an external magnetic field changes, magnetized material inside of a medium (like the earth) will respond in due kind. That is why we have paleomagnetic records for the determination of past geomagnetic cycles that occurred on the Earth.

Based on the way earths shifted electromagnetic field realigns the subatomic particles of molten rock you have an axial symmetry that reveals the new polar axis of that global field.

Now imagine if you could utilize the energy of our increasingly wandering magnetic pole to realign particles within an artificial magnetic film. You would have transmuted at least part of a problem in to a solution.

Prof. Eiji Shikoh.

“We are interested in efficiently using the Earth’s natural resources to harvest energy,” states the professor, “and capturing the energy from electromagnetic waves that surround us through the electromotive force (EMF) they generate in magnetic films under FMR shows potential as one such way”.


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