Materializing Molecules From a Fermi Gas With “Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics”

Scientists have figured out a way to get entangled Fermi Gas particles to recombine in to a molecule through application of light.

It may have future implications for quasi materialization technology that can change the state of matter (from gas to solid) with light frequencies. Think of a scientific approach to alchemy.

Light based technology is a growing trend in future projections including the field of photobiomodulation, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and photon based quantum computation.

At this point It’s been accomplished at extremely cold temperatures but what if we could use something like this for materialization technology or at the very least some kind of light based technology for changing states of matter (from gas to liquid) like in the of the Fermi Gas for example.

I wrote in another article about a similar technology called holographic 3D printing. Instead of fermi gas it uses light to solidify an object straight out of an ink pool.

There are bioethical considerations involved in using an inserted Nanomaterial activated by an external laser beam to photobiomodulate neurons.

The medical applications are near limitless but other side of it is obviously something along the lines of technocratic full spectrum dominance.

In my opinion you would have to further purify the medium of exchange with decentralized blockchain technology before considering utilizing something like this in medical application.

Image credit: Ella Maru studio


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