News: Space Weather, Galactic Cosmic Radiation and Underground Life

Scientists determine that the position of Earth throughout the interplanetary magnetic field polarity will have an effect on storm-time ionosphere-thermosphere dynamics over the equator rather then solely being limited to the poles of the Earth like in the case of the Aurora Borealis.

Scientists confirm that accelerated galactic cosmic radiation leads to more energetic interactions at the frontal “bow shock” of earths protective electromagnetic field. More so than previously thought.

Scientists discover that galactic cosmic rays have far more impact on the overall galaxy up to and including star formation. The magnetic fields associated with galactic cosmic radiation of which they believe emerge from “supernova remnants and pulsars” among other cosmic ray sources, are far more influential than they previously thought.

Researchers claim to be developing a “sun clock” in order to “resolve fast changes between seasons”.

They accurately mention how the declining phase of even numbered solar cycles is twice as long odd numbered ones but fail to mention why that is the case; the relative position of Saturn, Jupiter and other gas giants in comparison to the sun.

As they all drift around the gravitational barycentre of our solar system they will speed up and slow down the suns rotation depending on where alignments land in comparison to the Sun orbit around the barycentre, which will then shorten or elongate the Hale Cycle.

In my opinion you cannot make the most efficient sun clock without including the effects of planetary alignment on the Sun.

Researchers further anticipate the existence of underground organic life in the “deep biosphere” after discovering selenium, a vital microbial nutrient at certain depths of the Earth.

“The availability of selenium (Se) might play a crucial role in such systems because the reduction of oxidized Se species provides by far more energy than the reduction of sulfate. “

Even small amounts of Selenium increase the chances of organic life.

They investigated a Selenium rich Platinum and Palladium deposit from Brazil and found that

“The high levels of Se and other biophilic elements (iodine, organic carbon, nitrogen), together with an extremely negative Se isotopic composition, the lowest yet measured in natural samples (δ82/76Se = –17.4 to –15.4‰), are consistent with a microbial origin”

The researchers claim that abiogenesis can’t be ruled out yet but “the study suggests that the Pt-Pd nuggets plausibly record Se-dependent microbial activity in the continental deep biosphere.”

As I’ve written in another article, I believe there are air pockets capable of supporting complex organic life beneath the surface. I think it’s possible an entire ecosystem could evolve shielded from the atmospheric composition of the surface world. Imagine an air pocket of methane for example. It might host life that is similar to life on the moon Titan, which also has Methane in its atmosphere.

Researchers determine the effects of radio-waves on electrical activity in the brain through EEG recordings.

“According to the review of experimental data, the rate of detected RF EMF effects is

76.7% in resting EEG studies,

41.7% in sleep EEG and

38.5% in behavioral studies.

The changes in EEG probably appear earlier than alterations in behavior become evident. “

Researchers examine the directional flow of magnetic particles in burnt flint tools from 7600 years ago and figure out that the geomagnetic field was weaker then than it is right now and took hundreds of years to recover.

Because our geomagnetic field is weakening faster now then it has since we began recording it this study suggests that the field will not completely disappear for ever.. Which is good. Only that it might get to a certain point and then take a couple hundred years to recover.

Of course this will not come without accompanying effects on weather climate and organic life through more exposure to energetic particles from outer space.

Through analyzing the paleo magnetic record of ancient lava flows in eastern Scotland scientists figure out that there is also a larger 200 million year cycle in which the Earths electromagnetic field strengthens and weakens again suggesting that larger cycles overlap smaller ones such as the one I mentioned previously.

However I disagree with their focus solely on the internal dynamics of the Earth as the one and only possible cause of geomagnetic cycling. I believe that the galaxy at large is a more influential factor then they’d care to admit. In particular, how and when the solar system flies through larger clouds of energetic particle plasma in deep space.

Using a new gravitational theory involving a more flexible relationship between matter energy space and time physicist João Rosa has removed the requirement for “negative mass” in sustaining wormhole generation by “layering the entrances to the wormholes with double thin shells of regular matter, the wormhole becomes traversable without any negative energy. “

The anomalous properties of water may have to do with some kind of nuclear quantum effect according to scientists who have verified that Hydrogen atoms exhibit a “quantum tug” on one another when stimulated by laser light.

Researchers can’t explain a 16.35 day cycle in fast radio bursts. They think it might come from a pulsar or magnetar but none are known to orbit that slowly.

In my opinion, the entire radio wave model for locating an ET species capable of communication is far to narrow minded as scientists are now exploring methods of communication that do not rely on the EM spectrum including gravitational waves and quantum entanglement.

However with that being said. repeating structures of fast radio bursts may hint at a more fundamental “cosmic clockwork” that can be utilized to predict space weather and other cosmological phenomena.

Through measuring the electricity of soil microbes scientists develop a proof of concept model for testing and further optimizing the fertility of soil overall.

Scientists further analyze the north and south poles of Jupiter and determine that the south has between 5-6 active storms creating a hexagon and North Pole has 8 storms creating a square-like octagonal shape.

The storms only appear above 84 degrees latitude and in the case of South Pole they determine that the outer storms are attracted to the central storm but also repulsed away as they get too close, creating the relatively stable geometry.

“As long at the cyclones remain at a distance from the pole – they are attracted to it. But the nearer they venture – the more strongly they are repelled,”

It turns out magnetic waves with very short wavelengths can travel up to 40% faster then previously thought – expanding the realm of what could be magnetism acting throughout the universe.

Whereas physicists might’ve once said something like “there’s no way it could be magnetism because magnetism doesn’t travel that quickly” now the game is changing and magnetism might be behind things we did not think of previously.

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