New Research On The Importance of Basalt Crystal, Light Patterns in DNA

Scientists determine the right salt crystal balance for life too emerge through the initial existence of RNA which are like the “worker bees” for assembly and deconstruction of DNA.

“In order to fold correctly, RNA requires a relatively high concentration of doubly charged magnesium ions and a minimal concentration of singly charged sodium, since the latter leads to misfolding of RNA strands.”

It’s interesting to note how absolutely vital crystals are – not only to everything in modern technology (lens, LCD, silicate microchips) but also the very origin of life itself.

“We have shown that a combination of basaltic rocks and simple convection currents can give rise to the optimal relationship between Mg and Na ions under natural conditions,” Mast explains.

Basaltic rocks are also one of the minerals that generate magnetic anomalies around the Earth. Might we be able to identify prime locations for life through identifying basalt generated magnetic anomalies on other planets?

Researchers figure out that DNA can respond to encoded information contained in the fluctuation of light. They’re excited for its use in biotechnology because they may be able to regulate the expression of genes with artificial light or design a synthetic organism that can be animated with light.

However, bioethical considerations of biotechnology aside (of which there are plenty) I’m more interested in how our current genome is already responding to encoded light.

In the proposed interdisciplinary field of chronoastrobiology for example they’ve discovered that there are indeed many “photic cycles” (based on differential emission of light from the Sun) that exist on a longer time frame.

However in our case here the scientists are preoccupied with how you may encode information in to the dynamics of a light signal that a gene is receiving

With that being said, I propose a few different questions:

What information is already being encoded in to light and interpreted through the genetic lens of homo sapien? What is the information already trying to portray and why?

What solar dynamics in helioseismology apply to the differential irradiation of light over a shorter time span and which of those natural signals may be interpreted by our genome as “coded information”?

This is the philosophy of super humanism, tactical minimalism and bio mimicry at play. Figure out how it actually works first and THEN build technology for optimizing the “original blueprint”.

I believe this is the most responsible approach to application of science in the form of technology.

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