Methods of “Biofortification” As They Apply To Superhumanist Philosophy

Superhumanist philosophy encourages the further development of Homo Sapien. A key tenet of the philosophy is to keep technology outside of the body (very important), while also improving our innate faculties as a biological organism. Superhumanist philosophy does not oppose technology, in fact it encourages the use of new technology as long as it supports the evolution of all organic life, and remains outside of the body (a relative protection against the influence of corrupt technocracy)

Biofortification is a strategic counter-measure to societies over-reliance upon technology. It emphasizes the innate faculties of human beings and all organic life through continued maintenance of our species structural integrity and further optimization of the evolutionary process as it is understood to have occurred throughout time. It applies interdisciplinary principles in neurology, neurobiology, psychophysiology, neuropsychology and biology to improve innate abilities that we are all born with such as athleticism, healing rate, intelligence, learning, creativity, and memory consolidation as well as extending our knowledge in to human abilities that were previously considered impossible.

In the modern era over-reliance upon technology has negatively impacted a lot of human abilities that we were born with and that we have evolved with for millions of years including almost all aspects of physical movement, mental health and working memory. Luckily primordial reservoirs of evolutionary might can not be extinguished so easily and nonetheless survive to this day. “Biofortification” is to preserve and expand upon the longevity of humankinds naturally acquired evolutionary asset. Its important to remember that just because you can’t access all of it immediately doesn’t mean its not there. Especially when you consider the role of inter-generational “phylogenetic memory”, Laurentian Universities study of quantum neurobiology or the US militarys now declassified use of “Controlled Remote Viewing”. Why don’t we continue to expand upon our own biological potential as a species?

Biofortification could be as simple as fasting and meditating or as complex as perfecting your diet through an understanding of genetic ancestry. How about partaking in balance training and cold exposure to enhance learning and memory consolidation? To use an example you can run with after reading this article – Think about how you might reverse engineer Doctor Andrew Hubermans advice on neurology to improve more quickly in martial arts or in learning a new instrument.

Further on in to the future you could imagine a type of biofeedback technology that displays your vital signs and comparing to the frequency of the earths electromagnetic field. A technology such as this would include geomagnetic forecasting, and magnetic surveys of the Earth so that we know when a disturbance to our bioelectromagnetic field is more likely. Or how about a technology that can help train human intelligence and creativity to rival that of a quantum AI. That is why superhumanism is not anti-technological. Technology when utilized properly will enhance the momentum of our natural evolutionary progress.. not replace it entirely.

Now with that being said, let’s get in to the topic of ambiversion. The concept of biofortification in superhumanist philosophy encourages a more equal use of our entire body-limb structure (right AND left). It assumes that we are all given this special anatomical blueprint and it is up to us to optimize the overall functioning of that body-mind complex through a balancing of it’s inherent faculties in relationship to the natural environment. The idea is that more trained ambiversion of the hands and body (multisided dexterity) will open up avenues for adaptation that were previously unavailable to us.

Anatomical rigidity is not a beneficial asset in a highly dynamic changing environment, such as what we are experiencing now. With that being said – an increase in interhemispheric communication throughout the brain may help “steer” the current acceleration of evolutionary mutation rates on Earth toward a more positive outcome. The bottom line is – nature is not right handed.. so why don’t we try dis-entrenching people from anatomical hyper-specialization to see if it could help with the current evolutionary mismatch between culture and reality.

In the most simplistic sense, biofortification is all about maintaining the structural integrity of the human organism throughout time to at the very least – compensate for the neurologically degenerative effects associated with inactivity. In the modern era “structural integrity” throughout the body is lost through a culturally inherited form of “brain asymmetry” (left or right) combined with relatively high degree of postural atrophy from a comparatively low activity level (compared to our evolutionary history that is). Think of it this way – your body is like an instrument that is “tuned properly” through a balancing of electrical signals sent from the brain in to the nervous system in order to activate musculature. A balance of electrical activation was guaranteed by the geography of tribal times, but not anymore.

If the symmetry of conductivity within your neural structure is “off” due to a postural habit developed from an over-reliance upon the wrong kind of technology, than the brain will internalize an inaccurate “neural map” of the body, leading to further miscommunication between the two. This can only result in a continued unraveling of the human organisms structural integrity throughout time. Instead of automatically turning to an artificial exoskeleton for example the philosophy of biofortication will first attempt to “reduce the entropy” of this “evolutionary defect” through a partial simulation of anatomical complexity from the ancient past.

This is where whole body enveloping practices such as functional fitness, yoga, movement training, mixed martial arts and dance come in to the picture. It is also where we integrate an aspect you may not expect – a striving toward 3 dimensional holographic computer systems that allow for 360 degrees of full body immersion (instead of hunching over at a desk for example). Not only would these be more anatomically familiar to us at a postural level, but could also develop some degree of hand eye coordination that has been lost from recent neglect.

At this point, it is interesting to note how our body is constructed in a very similar fashion to the force of gravity. Just like how the human body scales out in reference to golden ratio, the accumulation of planetary bodies throughout our solar system follows an approximate use of golden ratio for relative distancing. In a more literal athletic sense it has been proven that testing your balance in as many different relationships to gravity as you can will increase overall learning rates. It is this feedback loop between biology, and the force of gravity or even temperature that is being understood and applied strategically during biofortification of natural acquired assets.

The ancient primordial forces of pressure and change need to remain relatively constant throughout time (at least more constant then they have been) in order to prevent the degeneration of structural integrity throughout the human body and mind. In this way biofortification acts to preserve, maintain and further optimize the available will force energy of a sentient organism for proper acceleration of consciousness throughout the evolutionary process.

Furthermore it works toward demystifying the nature of extended human capabilities such as “telekinesis” and “telepathy” through observing their connection to the real world. There is already a wealth of preliminary data on this subject matter explored by Laurentian University. For those of you who are worried about AI surpassing human intelligence – Fear not – It is through developing educational protocols equivalent to the US militaries now declassified use of Controlled Remote Viewing for interpreting information across space and time that we may be able to surpass AI in it’s processing capability. Then if a quantum superintelligent AI were to in fact emerge, we would be prepared for communication with it.

The concept of biofortification in superhumanist philosophy is an extrapolation of the Pareto Principle. Use what is already there first and properly, before you begin to focus on more peripheral aspects of externality. Under that operating principle it is similar to the Buddhist philosophy of material detachment except for that we do not choose to disassociate from the condition of our body, we choose to optimize it. In other words there is a reservoir of untapped potential available within our genome that have been more reliably tested than any AI. Understand, maintain and optimize that biology first – because that is what we are given and it is also what cannot be taken away from us, which is inherently of higher strategic value.

Biofortification operates under the philosophy of “just because it is quicker, doesn’t mean it is better”. Chances are if you refuse to nourish the foundational tenets of life as we know it then any technology you invent down the road to “make things easier” will only lead to more complications through its second and third order effects, leading to the need for more technology, etc. Then chances are, by the time you have sorted all of it out, you’ve already lost touch with the ancient primordial superintelligence of biology. We need to avoid getting tangled up in complication and instead nurture the self organizing complexity of nature that ALREADY EXISTS.

In my opinion that is also why developing a specific “order to consciousness” is so incredibly important right now. One that takes in to consideration what we know about personality neuroscience and differential psychophysiology in order to identify patterns of literal biological distinction between people with the same personality for example. Developing a structure of consciousness in that manner could help inform the process of biofortification to become more effective overall.

With that being said here are some inexpensive methods of biofortification that can be accomplished on a low budget.

  • Drinking lots of water
  • Optimizing light exposure: Especially in the morning, see Andrew Huberman
  • Controlling diet, eating time & window: Paleolithic, 16/8 fasting, eating when the suns out
  • Getting a panoramic view of outdoors when you feel anxious, stuck or frustrated. Optical flow decreases anxiety: Andrew Huberman
  • Ambiversion: Begin doing basic easy things with your less dominant hand: Brushing your teeth, opening doors, windows. Start with gross motor skills first.
  • Start being mindful of where ambiversion can work better. Do not “over-rely” on your right or left hand during the performance of a task to the point where you are taking extra steps JUST to use your more dominant hand.
  • Breathe control & self-directed thermoregulation for increasing temperature tolerance and benefiting health overall: Wim Hoff
  • Strategic cold exposure for better endurance, regeneration and memory recall: Andrew Huberman
  • Balance training for improvement of overall learning rate: Andrew Huberman
  • Timing the length of focus and relaxation can optimize learning, especially when combined with cold exposure and/or breathe control, meditation: Andrew huberman
  • Minimizing your exposure to electromagnetic pollution by increasing the distance of a device from your head and vital organs as well as turning off all devices when not in use
  • Using low light settings on your device
  • “Functional” modes of exercise that are not as concerned with aesthetics and actually work toward improving dynamic strength, posture, ease of movement and coordination. Functional fitness, MMA, calisthenics, yoga, general preparedness training, movement training.
  • Mathematical “mental exercises” such as adding, substracting, multiplying or dividing random numers
  • Linguistic “mental exercises” such as practicing a coherent inner dialogue, rehearsing synonyms or antonyms for words that you use often, or if you are artistically inclined, practicing rhyme schemes in your head. For some reason not many people do this, but it is an extremely useful way to make serious mental gains very quickly (from my experience)
  • Circulating the air throughout your house by opening windows whenever you can

These methods usually require a little bit more money, although free more limited versions may be available. They are also subject to the whims of technocracy, so that’s something to consider..

  • Apps that track your heart rate variability. You can enter in lifestyle information about that day to track broad correlations between lifestyle choices and heart rate variability, which is a known indicator of general health.
  • Apps that can track your brain waves and guide you through meditation or breathe control, the idea being to see if you can eventually control your own brain waves without technology.
  • Apps that track your sleep quality and lifestyle choices in order to draw connections between the two.
  • Dual N Back test (app). One of the only proven ways to increase working memory. We are losing this ability very quickly, it’s been proven that more screen time correlates with less working memory.
  • Getting an air and water purifier
  • New and emerging genetic technology that can sample your DNA and inform you of optimal diet and lifestyle considerations based on your genetic predisposition. Imagine learning that you need to do more cardiovascular exercise BEFORE you get heart disease for example. Another word for this is “genetic prehabilitation”
  • Electromagnetic therapies such as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (for the entire body) or transcranial magnetic stimulation (for the brain) can help restore electrical balance throughout the body. However great care has to be exercised to ensure that similar addictive feedback loops do not arise.
    Once the energetic system is back in balance, that is when the aforementioned biofeedback technology should be utilized to help the individual regain control of their vital signs through breathing, visualization and posture until technology is no longer required.

Youtube channels that resonate with the concept of “biofortification”

Bioneer, Vahva Fitness, Igor Portal, Andrew Huberman, Dark Horse Podcast

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