An Underground Shift in Quantum Entanglement May Alter Seismic Activity

A new scientific discovery has proven that a quantum phase transition can occur underground. In two of the most abundant minerals in the lower mantle called ferropericlase and bridgmanite scientists now believe that a simultaneous change in atomic spin over thousands of kilometers may produce seismic activity such as volcanoes and earthquakes.

“Moreover, geodynamic simulations have shown that the spin crossover invigorates convection in the Earth’s mantle and tectonic plate motion. So we think that this quantum phenomenon also increases the frequency of tectonic events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,” Wentzcovitch notes.

A couple months ago I had written about how it was originally proposed by Laurentian University back in 2013. They claimed that there was a mathematical connection between the energy band associated with earthquake formation and the zero point fluctuation force of quantum energy.

I didn’t post the article yet because there was not any other corroborating evidence, but now that has changed. It turns out they were 8 years ahead of their time. They have theorized that the quantum phase transition is correlated with “alterations in the structure of space being traversed by the solar system as it moves through the galaxy.”

This might have something to do with the alignment of celestial bodies, whether it be a star planet moon or asteroid. Their alignment to multiples of a 5 degree angle have been proven to correlate with seismic activity. I believe these same alignments are alsotriggering quantum mechanical phase transitions underground, which eventually lead to earthquakes and volcanoes on Earth.

Here’s the other article I had written about Laurentians work.

Do Earthquakes Emerge From The Quantum Vacuum? Mathematical Connection Between Planck Unit and Energy Band Associated With Earthquake Magnitude Range

Mathematical findings suggest that Earthquake activity may have something to do with quantum mechanical vibrations underground. This is through an observed energetic connection with the measurements of Max Planck, otherwise known as the absolute minimum that CAN be measured, before reality breaks down in to a type of quantum foam.

“The conspicuous congruence between Planck’s time and length and the lower than expected frequency based upon Gaussian assumptions of distribution for the discrete band of energy associated with this magnitude range of earthquakes suggests a conduit may exist between intrinsic features of Planck space-time and geophysical processes.”

The authors extrapolate by proposing that the time period for Earthquake formation might have something to do with how the gravitational force is interacting with zero point fluctuations in the quantum vacuum.

A quote from Laurentian University follows:

“The calculated equivalent photon wavelength for the energies associated with M = 3.6 approaches Planck’s Length while the related time increment is the cutoff frequency for the Zero Point Fluctuation force coupled to gravity.”

It’s not as surprising as you may think that quantum mechanics may be at play. Theories of “quantum gravity” appear to be picking up speed as of late. The same can be said for experiments in quantum macroscopic non-locality. However none of them mention what might be a significant connection to the geophysics of Earthquake formation.

Traditionally it is stated that earthquakes emerge from underground tectonic activity. They are basically seen as a natural byproduct of continental shift that result from plate-tectonics. As I will explain later, this could be true as well. However what is being discovered more recently is that the rate of earthquake formation is subject to changes in space weather throughout the interplanetary magnetic field.

This is accomplished through a causal chain of events linking the Sun to Earth. Sunspot formation, leading to solar ejecta that can, depending on the vector of emission, interact with the Earths own electromagnetic field. The influx of energetic particles from a solar storm for example can trigger a geomagnetic storm which is far more likely to lead to an Earthquake (or several). They are all highly correlated.

It’s very simple – changes in the electromagnetic field from solar storming interact with the stored energy of piezoelectric crystalline mineral charge deposits underground, and that determines where the landscape will buckle and shift. For example, an article on the Ionospheric precursors of earthquake formation demonstrate how an electromagnetic cloud accumulates around a fault-zone before eventually turning in to an earthquake.

Because the range of photon wavelengths from this cloud is well within the range of light particles that can emerge from the quantum vacuum, it is technically possible that the planet is utilizing an advanced form of quantum entangled electromagnetism in order to determine where exactly the fault zone of an earthquake may commence through triangulation of piezoelectric charge deposits underground. In this way it might be acting like a highly advanced form of anticipatory quantum network attempting to magnetically re-organize itself for the future reception of solar energy.

A scientific article exokaubs how fluctuations in the earths geomagnetic field appear to respond before a solar event actually takes place, which they call “transaction in reverse-time”. The preternatural event was also detected before solar ejecta that didn’t collide with Earth suggesting that the geomagnetic field is partially structured by probabilistic inference of future solar ejecta in general, not just for what events are most likely to strike Earth.

In other words it is almost as though the planets and the Sun are cross-referencing one another simultaneously in order to coordinate their collective movement across space and time.

The theory that some degree of quantum communication is taking place between Earth and the Sun is well founded in accumulated statistical evidence on the amount of geomagnetic fluctuations taking place before a solar event. In an article titled “Experimental Study of Advanced Correlation of Some Geophysical and Astrophysical Processes” the authors explain how our planets own geomagnetic field appears to “flinch” from a solar flare in the future, even if it does not hit us.

That natural form of anticipatory entanglement may be the quantum mechanically entangled trigger for Earthquake formation to emerge from preternatural detection of future solar activity by the Earths flinching geomagnetic field. In this theory the entire electromagnetic field would fluctuate in preparation for a future solar event, resulting in an equivalent shift in seismic activity underground.

A quote from Laurentian University reads:

“The existence of such a connection would encourage alternative explanations for sun-seismic activities as due to solar instabilities. Instead, it may reflect influence upon both from alterations in the structure of space being traversed by the solar system as it moves through the galaxy.”

In this quotation the authors are proposing that there is a particulaar structure to the fabric of space and time, upon which all gravitational sources rely upon for many geophysical processes that were previously considered to be the result of a linear causal chain in events (from sun to Earth for example).

The word zero-point is used interchangeably with “quantum vacuum” in the scientific community. Both of these terms are referring to what is left with when you cool everything down – stripping all matter and energy away. Scientists are able to simulate this proverbial ground state of reality through vacuum chambers in the lab. Advanced forms of quantum technology such as quantum computation and radar were originally invented utilizing this particular methodology.

I covered in another article how geocentric and heliocentric planetary alignment is correlated with Earthquake formation. I also explained how there is an “order to gravity” called orbital resonance, or Keplers law where one planet is orbiting almost exactly 2,3,4 or 5 times the speed another. However this is not the end of evidence suggesting a particular structure to the fabric of space and time.

Did you know that the alignment of gas giants is actually synchronized with Hale Sunspot cycle? They create an 8:9 fractional of orbital time series for every 178.9 years it takes the sun to orbital the gravitational centre of solar system (Called the Barycentre)

If something reminiscent of “quantum geophysics” were considered in relationship to current theories in quantum gravity and macroscopic non-locality it may help to predict the occurrence of geophysical events ahead of time as well as to enrich the connection between theories of quantum gravity and the real, concrete world of space and terrestrial weather phenomena.

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