News: Magnets For Depression, Water From Air, Exotic Ice Matter, Triple Magic Angle Graphene, Aurora in Japan

Preliminary findings suggest that sun powered water extraction from the air could hydrate half of the people in the world who are currently in dire need of water. “..if a cost-effective, off-grid device can be designed, scaled, and run throughout the day, it could serve to hydrate roughly half of all the people in the world who are currently without access to clean sources of water.” However, the new technology cannot be used in all geographic regions. “There seem to be diminishing returns to atmospheric water harvesting devices in places that are too dry, specifically those regions that are below 30 percent relative humidity.


Researchers comb through ancient history and mythology around the world in order to find accounts of the Aurora activity in places you may not expect. This information could be useful for determining the health, and technological impacts of geomagnetic storming. It turns out the Aurora Borealis moved from Japan to Greenland in one century between 1200 and 1300 ce. The recent discovery further illustrates the rapidity at which the electromagnetic field environment of Earth can transform. It also suggests that the strength of a geomagnetic storm can differ in it’s latitudinal reach across time in a similar way to the Aurora Borealis.

Given the known, documented and ever expanding effects of magnetism and electricity on biology, as well as the direct connection between flux transfer events, Aurora Borealis, geomagnetic storming and weather activity, the new finding lends further credence to a space weather based model of societal transformation.


Quantum Technology Update: Physicists invent Trilayer Magic Angle Graphene. A few years ago scientists discovered that when you tilt single atomic layers of Graphene at a slight angle and stack one on top of the other they will produce superconductivity as well as a unique quantum entangled “topological state”.

A fancy way of saying that it can channel a lot of energy while also potentially being programmed to do so in ways that resemble a quantum computer. The new field of study was coined “Twistronics”. Now, they have added another layer and reduced the required electron density for superconductivity by two orders of magnitude – literally a thousand times. The authors of the article are preoccupied with its application in “quantum electronics”, however that suggests it is only in the field of computation where this state of Graphene would apply. However given the factor of increasing superconductivity it would seem that Magic Angle Graphene may also prove to be useful in advancing futuristic energy technologies such as nuclear fusion.


Physicists use a diamond anvil to pressurize a drop of water while also heating it up with a laser beam, the end result? YET ANOTHER new kind of matter called “Superionic Ice” that could potentially also exist underground or even on an alien planet. The reason why I keep track of these new states of matter is because a leaked Defense Intelligence Agency document from a few years back mentioned how “exotic matter” may be one of the only ways we can generate enough energy to stabilize a portal in space-time: the ultimate transportation technology. However, as far as what we know this “superionic ice” does not have the required “negative energy density and a negative pressure or tension that exceeds the energy density”. Nonetheless I do believe that alternate states of matter in general represent a new frontier in science that will eventually lead to new technologies.

Whats important to remember about new states of matter however is that they fundamentally alter our perception of what may be possible within nature as well; inside our planet or in space, for example – they hypothesize that Superionic Ice may exist at the core of Neptune, although it may also exist underground here. Because scientists required less pressure than initially assumed to produce the unique state of matter “Superionic Ice” is probably more common in the natural world than we initially thought. In other words, the classification of solid/liquid/gas may be a characteristic that is far more specific to our particular gravity and temperature range on Earth than we had initially assumed – allowing us to expand our perspective of what may be possible if we can somehow generate them for application in technology as well.


Researchers find that you can reduce the amount of time it takes to treat depression with transcranial magnetic simulation through an understanding of the individuals specific level of brain activity – pretty obvious in retrospect. In other words, first you want to use a continuous FMRI scan to identify the individuals brain fingerprint and then tailor the transcranial magnetic stimulation to their unique distribution of brain activity. According to them, utilizing this protocol can reduce the treatment regime from several weeks to a few days. An incredible clinical transformation with a lot of potential for healthcare. Now we’re going to need repeat trials and then scale the technology up for distribution.

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