Former US Army Colonel Discusses Psychic Remote Viewing P1

Colonel Lyn Buchanan is a retired US army veteran with a masters degree in linguistic psychology and psycho-linguistics. He spent 8 and a half years working for the military as a “controlled remote viewer” or “third eye spy” as it is now called by the popular documentary.

Mr Buchanan learned, applied and then taught the CRV methodology developed by artist and psychic Ingo Swann in conjunction with the US military. All of this has been officially declassified as part of the grandiose sounding “Project Stargate”. Eventually Lyn Buchanan became a database manager, responsible for the curation of information gathered during CRV sessions.

After retiring from the US military he worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Now he teaches controlled remote viewing to the public while working as a private contractor for various government and corporate organizations. Currently his biggest areas of collaboration are with the police and medical community as well as scientific RnD, such as for aerospace corporations. You can find a repository of all publicly available videos on CRV here.

During his military career he claims to have utilized Controlled Remote Viewing throughout the Coldwar and during operations conducted in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Grenada, which included the prevention of a missile crisis. According to the former US army colonel he was able to extract information regarding the scientific and political development of foreign adversaries utilizing various methodologies he learned throughout the program.

His unique specialty involved the composition of psychological profiles from afar – through which he was able to determine the plans and intention of foreign leadership. However, some of his more impressive claims include “being able to read a document locked in a safe halfway across the world” or “access any computer”. The latter of which may not be what you would expect from a conventional psychic for example.

Even concrete physical details, such as the physical floor plan of a building could be intuited from afar utilizing the disciplined methodology developed by the US military, which differs from “psychic” remote viewing in it’s systematic approach to ideograms, automatic writing and double blind procedures that are specifically designed to filter out the “analytical overlay” of ideological presumption on the part of the viewer.

Mr Buchanan claims to have quite a track record of accuracy – within 90 percent – in other words – at least 30 percent more than the average accuracy level of remote viewing. This suggests that people can vary quite widely in their skill. However Lynn makes it very clear that anyone can learn CRV, even people with no natural inclination toward being “psychic”. He claims that he got much better at it by practicing what he was bad it. For example colors, shapes, thoughts, or emotions etc.

While in the military Lyn claims to have predicted Chernobyl in great detail but unfortunately he missed the date by only a few days. A good example of the extremely high standards of CRV within the US military is that he was given a zero on the mark, as he didn’t do what he was TASKED to do, which was to predict the time accurately. This highly practical and grounded approach to psychic remote viewing is how CRV differs from your average psychic. Who is “on some days and off other days:, with no real track record of their accuracy being kept.

The official study of “psychic powers” for potential military application began as a reaction to intelligence briefings that were gathered on what the Soviets were doing. Articles such as “Soviets Possibly Lead US in Applied Parapsychology Studies” were circulated throughout intelligence circles in the US government. It is clear that the Russians were and for all we know – may still be leading the US in applied parapsychology at the level of intelligence gathering. That is why the US military went to Stanford Research Institute in order to begin an official scientific investigation of the subject matter.

They recruited a well known, civilian remote viewer and artist named “Ingo Swan” to assist in the development of an official protocol that could be taught and evaluated for it’s accuracy. To this day he is regarded as one of the most powerful psychics of the modern era, aside from maybe Edgar Cayce. With that being said, retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer Joe Mcmoneagle was the first individual within the US military to actually test the now widespread protocol.

“Coordinate Remote Viewing” was the original terminology used to represent the acronym “CRV” until informal psychics begin adopting the phrase. That is when they began calling it “Controlled Remote Viewing”. There logic was that psychics would never use a term that implies some kind of willful control over over their intuition. It turns out they were correct. Geography was the original target of controlled remote viewers, so the the term “coordinate” seemed more suitable at the time, until the program was expanded to include all sorts of targets: individuals, objects etc.

With that being said let’s get in to some of Lyns specific viewing sessions, which are no less than incredible given what we think we think we know about the universe. Remember that during a CRV session, the viewer is not told, nor may ever be told, the actual target. There are “teams” that operate in this manner, and it is meant to prevent “analytical overlay” a term utilized to describe the pollution of a viewing by the expectations of the viewer. There are usually three levels to CRV: The viewer, the guide, and the manager who provides the target.

This is one of the hardest concepts of CRV to grasp but somehow, the viewer is able to “intuit” the target that is “intended” by the manager. Not even the guide knows the actual target. It is translated in to a series of random digits that is then given to the guide to anchor the viewer in an arbitrary data point, which is then “read up the chain” as if the subconscious mind of the viewer is aware of the managers intended target. In this particular case, Lyn was not told about his viewing of the planet Mars until years and years after the viewing actually took place.

Viewing Mars:

During Lyn Buchanans Remote Viewing session of the red planet he claims to have “stood in the opening of slanted stone area” overlooking several pyramid shaped formations. According to him. there was a lot of erosion making it difficult to tell if the structures were natural.

He then explained how the artist and remote viewer Ingo Swann, who founded the CRV method believed that “There was civilization on Mars” after conducting many sessions on the subject matter. Although he claims that it “wasn’t very advanced” Amazingly enough, Lyn also viewed living creatures on Mars. According to him. they were “worm-like and non-sentient”

Viewing The Dark Side of The Moon

According to Lyn, there are buildings on the dark side of moon – Dark brownish grey in color. There were some that appeared “desolate” and others that were lit up, as if under current occupation. These buildings were vertical, not high rise. They were industrial looking sort of like an oil refinery. My Buchanan claims that “there is plenty going on on the dark side of the moon that the public doesn’t know about”

In an interview with George Noory on “Beyond Belief” He was then asked by the famous talk show host if they were ever tasked with viewing the “secret space program” a conspiracy theory that became popular back in 2016. According to this theory, there is a large spanning occupation of the dark side of the moon by 22 different alien species, utilizing it as a “diplomatic headquarters”

Lyn said he was tasked with viewing this subject, but would not speak on it any further as the information was still classified. Lyn has told George Noory that he agrees with some of the secrets that are being kept, but not all of them. Nonetheless, he is obliged by non disclosure agreements to refrain from disclosing this material, under threat of criminal charges.

Viewing Aliens Working Together With Humans on Earth

According to the former US Army Colonel, there are places on earth where extraterrestrials are working together with humans. In his remote viewing sessions he claims to have witnessed a variety of ET species working alongside human beings including “Greys, Nordics, Reptillians and Mantis type beings”

Are UFOs Aliens or Time Travelers?

There is a common theory that UFOs are actually time travelers from the futureā€¦ and another theory that this is a disinformation campaign to prevent the public from accepting the common presence of extraterrestrials. According to Lyn Buchanan he “never found an alien that indicated it was a time machine”

Rendelsham UK UFO sighting

The Rendelsham UFO Sighting is a famous event that took place in the United Kingdom. Mr Buchanan was tasked with viewing this phenomenon. According to him, the craft was “5 , 6 times larger then car outside” and empty on the inside. One thing that is hard to grasp about CRV is that some people can access computers from afar utilizing this sixth sense. As a part of the session he claims to have accessed a computer only to discover that the craft was piloted autonomously.

Viewing Psychic Extraterrestrials.

Apparently Lyn Buchanan has done extensive viewing of various extraterrestrial species. He says that some are friendly, while some are not . Similarly – some possess psychic abilities while others have none at all. He used these categories to divide extraterrestrials in to 4 different types.

As you might expect, friendly, non psychic extraterrestrials come here to do trade- to engage in market activities with the human race. He claims that because they lack the type of psychic intuition that human beings have, they’re not very inventive people, and so they come to do trade with species like our own. According to Lyn “We get their stuff, reverse engineer it, upgrade it and then trade it back to them”

The second group are non psychic, non friendly ETS who don’t come near us at all, They keep their distance. Perhaps that is because they fear our ability to defend ourselves from an attack at long range utilizing “controlled remote influencing” another more influential ability that Lyn has explained in one of his videos.

The 3rd group, friendly psychic extraterrestrials want to help us to develop our abilities. Those of you who circulate throughout various new age groups may think of “Channeling”. However it’s possible that aid from benevolent extraterrestrials may come in a manner of ways, including through our dreams, or simply by influencing our thoughts in the slightest manner.

Unsurprisingly, the fourth group, non-friendly, psychic extraterrestrials want us wiped off the face of the planet. According to Lyn, we seem to possess various psychic and creative abilities that are perceived as high potential by extraterrestrial species, which is why some of them have been polarized for and against us. “Especially the psychic ones.”

One very interesting point that Lyn made is that based on the extraterrestrial species in question there is a different range and intensity of psychic power. For example, he mentioned an incident were a UFO abducted some people camping at a lake. Upon further investigation he discovered that this particular extraterrestrial group had a greater intensity of psychic power with far less range than we have. Meaning that they could only use that psychic ability to influence or communicate at shorter distance.

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