DECLASSIFIED: Soviet Union Discovered That Telekinetic Levitation Was Possible

Telekinetic Levitation

A scientific article on PsycNet titled “Some Aspects of Practical Application of Psychotronics in the USSR” represents one of many research initiatives conducted by the former Soviet Union in to the subject matter of psychic phenomena – it details several experiments that were performed on “a male who possessed telekinetic abilities.”

Like other declassified documents I have reviewed on the subject of mind matter interaction the psychophysiological state of the individual appears to be foremost in determining the outcome of successful telekinesis. That conclusion is further supported by the article in question:

“The process of preparation for performing telekinesis involved conscious self-arousal of S (subject) for 6–8 min. “

When someone is learning Tai Chi there are often subjective claims of an “an air cushion” forming between the hands. It would appear that is also the case for the individual under investigation by the former Soviet Union. According to the article, After he engaged in conscious self-arousal of his own psychophysiology “he experienced a feeling that his hands became enlarged and an elastic air cushion had appeared between them.”

Apparently this sensation was further enhanced when the object was placed in between his hands for the purposes of levitation. Throughout the duration of the objects levitation the sensation continued to increase and was accompanied by a trance-like state and a “buzzing” in the subjects ears. The final result?

“When the hands were removed, the object was “suspended” for 8–20 sec”

The continued sensation of an “elastic air cushion” in between the hands appeared to have been vital to the length of successful levitation.

“As soon as a sensation of enlarging elasticity disappeared, the object fell.

 According to the researchers, the performance of successful telekinesis does not come without it’s temporary psychophysiological consequences.

“S’s psychophysiological state after the test included physical weakness, trembling of hands, increase in the pulse rate up to 130 beats/sec, difficult breathing, increase in appetite, and sleepiness.”

After initially discovering this article and extracting quotations I had put it in on the “backburner” for a while. When I tried to find the original link I forgot to include it was extremely difficult to recover through any traditional means of searching, Google, duckduckgo ecosia etc. If you click on the link and it doesn’t show up, comment on the article here and I will upload a screenshot of the abstract.

This information is extremely vital to the philosophy of superhumanism and the continued evolution of humanity as a biological organism.

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