Men and Woman “Predict The Future” Better When The Geomagnetic Field is Different


A scientific article from Laurentian University examined a record of self-reported “precognitive experiences” that have occurred over the past century. They found that woman experienced more precognition (predicting the future) when the geomagnetic field was below 20 nanotesla whereas the men experienced it more often during higher geomagnetic frequencies above 20 nanotesla.

The study begins by explaining how certain magnetic frequencies, when applied to men and women appear to activate “memories of childhood” at different times, representing different conditions of the Earths vibrating geomagnetic field (frequency high or low). The memories of childhood demonstrate an identical preference to the 100 year record of precognitive experiences, as mentioned previously.

According to the study, women relived these memories more often during quiet geomagnetic periods below 20 nanotesla while men experienced them more often when the geomagnetic field was fluctuating above 20 nanotesla. In other words, based on your gender, you may be more likely to experience significant psychological events during a different configuration of the planets geomagnetic field. It can be as simple and grounded as a childhood memory or as arcane and ethereal as a premonition about the immediate future.

This may have something to do with the fact that similar regions of the brain are activated when reliving past events as they are when “pre-experiencing a future anticipated event”, that is the frontal-temporal region region of the brain, according to another study conducted by Laurentian U.

Another interesting point from a separate article investigating the rate of suicide among Canadian penitentiaries found that women were more likely to commit suicide during “disturbed geomagnetic conditions” (a higher frequency) whereas men were more likely to commit suicide during quiet, lower geomagnetic frequencies. They found similar patterns of behavior in the general population. Woman appeared to experience significant lows during a more disturbed period of the geomagnetic field, when more suicides occurred.



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