How You May Improve At “Remote Viewing” Based on The Accessible Literature

Another experiment carried out by Laurentian University has confirmed the connection between neuropsychology, remote viewing and the Earths geomagnetic field. They found that as scores improved throughout time electrical activity in the brain would shift toward the right hemisphere and temporal lobe. During the most successful remote viewing there was far more activity in the temporal lobe, anterior cingulate, and parahippocampal gyrus.

Furthermore, when the geomagnetic field is “quiet” and the K p Index is low, (opposite to a geomagnetic storm) the most accurate remote viewing was accomplished. In another study, researching the history of precognition, it was shown that men report more precognitive experiences when the geomagnetic field was above 20 nanotesla whereas women reported more when it was below 20.

Remote viewers should conduct their session during a period of geomagnetic calm when the “Kp index” is below 3. Enter “K p Index (your location)” in to a search engine. It basically means that there are less sudden changes in frequency up and down. It is far easier to “see the bottom of a lake when it is calm”. However as I will explain later on there are “psychokinetic” abilities that are more successful when the geomagnetic field is turbulent.

As far as brain activity is concerned, remote viewers need to include biofeedback technology in their tool-belt. You can purchase small EEG devices online. The temporal lobe, anterior cingulate and parahippocampal gyrus have been implicated in successful remote viewing. By imaging the brain for this activity you could reduce the amount of time you are combing through each session by knowing where to look first.

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