Improve At Remote Viewing Through Proper Timing and Brain Imaging Techniques

Another scientific experiment conducted by Laurentian University explored the neuropsychological and geomagnetic variables involved in successful remote viewing. They found that as scores improved throughout time, brain activity would shift toward the right hemisphere and temporal lobe by week three. During the most accurate remote viewing there was more electrical activity in the anterior cingulate, and parahippocampal gyrus as well as the temporal lobes.

When the geomagnetic field is the quietest and the K p Index is low, (opposite to a geomagnetic storm) the highest “congruence scores” for remote viewing were achieved. Correlations between geomagnetism and psi are commonly reported throughout the existing scientific literature. In another study, researching historical reports of precognition, it was shown that men reported more precognitive experiences than usual when the geomagnetic field was above 20 nanotesla whereas women reported more when it was below 20.

Remote viewers should time their session to coincide with a period of geomagnetic calm when the “Kp index” is below 3. Enter “K p Index” in to a search engine and you will find websites that display this information. It basically means that there are less sudden changes in frequency up and down. Like “looking to the bottom of a calm lake” it becomes far easier to quiet the mind and see what you need to. As I will explain later on, there are abilities that are better suited to periods of geomagnetic turbulence.

As far as brain activity is concerned, researchers involved in the exploration of remote viewing should include biofeedback technology in their tool-belt. The temporal lobe, anterior cingulate and parahippocampal gyrus have been implicated in successful remote viewing and therefor by virtue of deduction we should be imaging the brain for similar activity in order to determine what session may be more accurate ahead of time.

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