Real Inception: The CIA Investigated Dream Telepathy and Obtained Significant Results

Dream Telepathy

Several promising experiments conducted throughout the 90s and early 2000s investigated the phenomena of “dream telepathy”. In a declassified CIA article from 1991, it was explained how a prior experiment was successful, confirming the existence of dream telepathy. A second experiment where the participants would instead be lucid dreaming was forwarded as a “technical draft protocol”. However no record of that experiment currently exists today.

In the first experiment, conducted by the “Scientific Applications and International Corporation”, they began with a dreamer and an awake sender (telepath). Once the dreamer entered a state of REM sleep the investigators signaled a telepathic sender to begin focusing on the target of dream insertion (likely a picture of some sort). No information about the dream target or participant history was included.

After REM sleep the dreamer was awakened to report the contents of their dream. After ten dreaming sessions every record was collected to be scrutinized by a series of independent judges. In the first experiment “significant results were obtained” which suggested that a dreamer is capable of receiving telepathic content from a sender. To what degree? It’s not made clear by the article. The exact details are admittedly sparse (for operational security?)

In the technical draft report on the second experiment, which was never published by the CIA ( if it happened at all) investigators would have first taught participants how to lucid dream. In this state motor action is inhibited from the brain stem downward, but somehow the cerebral cortex becomes “aware”, allowing for conscious recognition that you are indeed dreaming, which is usually accompanied by more control over its content. The question being – can we still receive transmitted content in this state?

Apparently the sleepers would be taught how to “watch out for AC content in dreams”.
Now considering how lucid dreaming often involves more voluntary control over the content of said dream, it would be accurate to hypothesize that “AC content” would have been explained to them in a more generalistic manner, allowing a dreamer to “look out for signs of it” but not know exactly what it is before they went to sleep.

It is no mystery why the CIA or any other intelligence organization may be interested in dream telepathy. Imagine if you could send a message covertly to a field agent, or even implant an idea or suggestion in to the subconscious mind. Real inception anyone? Who knows how far they really went with these studies.

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