Humans Have a Non Visible “Light Field” That Is Vital to Health and Medicine

2001 Bio-photons and Bio-communication

“As soon as the integration of a cell by cell division doesn’t lead to an increase in coherence of the system, the information for cancerous growth will arise”

Study on photon emission with photomultiplier tubes: UV photons emitted from cell 1 hour before multiplying

2003: Biophoton emission of human body: a deeper understanding of health, disease and body field, this method provides a new powerful tool of non-invasive medical diagnosis in terms of basic regulatory functions of the body

Biophoton emission will vary between a few percent and up to ten times higher/lower on an hourly basis.

Cancer patients appear to have light asymmetry in areas of the body separate from the tumor (ears in the case of liver tumor). Emission and delay are rather rigid and do not change as they do in healthy people.

Case of multiple sclerosis characterized by a more uneven distribution of biophotons between the two hands and in particular a larger difference in the time delay between excitation and biophoton emission on each hand.

Healthy people on average possess a comparatively low density of biophoton emission as well as a higher delay between excitation of the tissue and subsequent emission of biophotons from the area (delayed luminescence)

Understanding light patterns in the body will help avoid disease and save millions of lives.

During UV-A (ultraviolet) therapy unhealthy tissue on the arm of a psoriasis patient will emit more biophotons than healthier regions. This leveled out after an hour of exposure. After UV-A unhealthy tissues approached a normal delay in light emission while healthy tissue attained a higher delay in luminescence.

The untreated arm followed the same trend to a lesser degree. THE SAME RESULT OCCURS FROM OTHER INFLUENCES SUCH AS RUBBING CREAM

2006 Microwave Propagation on Acupuncture Channels

“Microwave energy in the frequency range of 250 ∼ 550 MHz was irradiated on an acupuncture point. Transmitted microwave energy along the meridian was measured at the next acupuncture point of the same meridian. Diabetic and cancer patients were compared with healthy persons. Normal group consisted of 50 healthy persons. Diabetic group included 50 diabetic patients. Breast cancer group had also 50 patients.

All 12 meridians on both right and left hands and feet were measured. For the diabetic group, the microwave energy propagation in this frequency range was 1.417 dB lower along Lung channel and 1.601 dB higher along Spleen channel compared with the normal group regardless of sex and diabetic types.”

2008/03: Effects of exercises on biophoton emission of the wrist.

Post exercise biophotons drop, temperature increases

2012 Increased photon emission from the head while imagining light in the dark is correlated with changes in electroencephalographic power: Support for Bókkon’s biophoton hypothesis

“…significant increases in ultraweak photon emissions (UPEs) or biophotons equivalent to about 5 × 10−11 W/m2 from the right sides of volunteer’s heads when they imagined light in a very dark environment compared to when they did not”

“Simultaneous variations in regional quantitative electroencephalographic spectral power (μV2/Hz) and total energy in the range of ∼10−12 J from concurrent biophoton emissions were strongly correlated (r = 0.95).”

“The calculated energy was equivalent to that associated with action potentials from about 107 cerebral cortical neurons.

2014 Magnetic Field Configurations Corresponding to Electric Field Patterns That Evoke Long-Term Potentiation Shift Power Spectra of Light Emissions from Microtubules from Non-Neural Cells

“Microtubules preparations that had been exposed for only 2 min to a magnetic field configuration corresponding to the electric field pattern that induced long-term potentiation in neural tissue when applied as electric current displayed peaks of spectral power densities within 7 – 8 Hz, 9.5 Hz, 14 – 15 Hz, and 22 Hz bands. The major peak (9.4 Hz) bandwidth was approximately 0.1 Hz. “

“Treatment with the LTP patterned fields, compared to the baseline or sine-wave fields primarily altered the frequency band in which the amplitude of the photon field was expressed.”

“These results suggest that the photon emissions from microtubule preparations have the capacity to respond to specifically-patterned or geometric shapes of magnetic fields by altering spectral configurations rather than the absolute numbers of photons.”

“While microtubule preparations exposed for 2 min to a 7 Hz sine-wave or in the absence of a field emitted an overall similar level of spectral power density, the peaks in power density were not present.”

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