“Time Displacement” in Precognition and Dream Telepathy Research

Precognition experiments are often critiqued for obtaining results equivalent to chance. However, when you account for “time displacement” across a slightly larger interval you obtain “clusters” of accuracy that require 13 digits to explain away by chance. A probabilistic mathematical model needs to be utilized in order to evaluate experiments involving precognition.

A graph depicting the results of a card drawing experiment. Notice that when an incorrect guess is made the accurate answer is usually given within the NEXT set. The probability of this type of “clustered accuracy” emerging by chance is very, very low.

According to the scientific article under review the “time displacement” phenomena had also been found to occur during experimentation with what the CIA called “dream telepathy”. In other words, symbolic information broadcasted by an awake “dream sender” will be, more often then not, organized in to a different order by the dreaming mind of the receiver. For example, a sender might look at pictures of a rabbit, a car and then a mountain whereas the dream receiver is more likely to dream about it in a different order: car rabbit mountain or mountain rabbit car.

What this means is that we require a probabilistic rather then literal mathematical approach to experiments involving precognition. It also means that the main criticism of precognition is invalid. You have to consider the dimension of time a topology not unlike space, where things can get “shuffled around” in to clusters spread across a larger interval.

As far as precognition is concerned, it’s important to remember that men and women are effected differently by the Earths changing electromagnetic field strength. Physical variables such as these are rarely mentioned in any debate involving the subject of psychic phenomena, and yet they appear to main conditioning factors that affect performance.

Any dishonest scientific researcher who understood the place of geomagnetism could easily manipulate their results by selecting more of one or the other gender or by timing their experimentation for a specific period geomagnetic turbulence or calm.

With that being said any new research involving the study of precognition or dream telepathy would have to include the mathematical dimension of time as well as any relevant information from interdisciplinary scientific fields such as what has been demonstrated by the role of biology (gender) and geomagnetism.

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