Accounting For “Time Displacement” in Precognition and Dream Telepathy

Precognition experiments are often criticized for obtaining chance results. Because of this skeptics often disregard the entire area of inquiry. For example, in “Zener” card experiments it is only when you correctly guess the next card in the sequence that a correct “hit” is recorded. However when you account for time displacement of target guessing across a slightly larger time interval you obtain shuffled “clusters” of accuracy that require 13 digits to explain by chance. This suggests that a probalistic mathematical model INCLUDING the dimension of time should be used to evaluate experimental results.

According to the scientific article under review this same “time displacement” phenomenon has also been found to occur during experiments in dream telepathy. In other words, they found that visual information broadcasted by the awake “dream sender” would be received by the sleeping receiver in a different order than it was broadcasted, or at a different point in time than the broadcaster sent it.

It proves that we require a more nuanced approach to parapsychological research that involves the assessment of specific time intervals for target shuffling. It is strategically and tactically relevant for organizations to consider the potential involved in decoding the order of temporal sorting by human subjects. When performing experiments like these you have to consider the dimension of time, as a topology not unlike space, where things can get “shuffled around” slightly.

As far as precognition is concerned, it’s important to remember that men and women respond differently to changes in the Earths electromagnetic field. Variables such as these are rarely mentioned in the debate and yet are incredibly important to maintaining consistent results in parapsychological research

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