Telekinetic Influence Over Red Blood Cell Count in a Petri Dish?

According to the available research a human being can slow down or hasten the lifetime of a red blood cell from afar utilizing what they have called “biological psychokinesis”.

A kind of telekinetic, outward moving ability that can potentially heal and damage living matter from afar. Factors that contribute include the participants age and overall state of the Earths own geomagnetic field condition.

According to available research from Laurentian U they were able to hasten the rate of “blood hemolysis” as it is called, “the rupturing of a red blood cell” contained in a petri dish far better when there was a “geomagnetic storm” happening throughout the Earths atmosphere.

A different experiment suggests that you may be able to prevent the rupturing of red blood cells from afar better (i.e. healing) exactly one day after an increase in the ambient geomagnetic field condition.

Now aside from my article on “How Real Energy Healing Works, According To The CIA” this is another example of where scientific investigation has been taken in to the realm of extended human capability.

This is an important point however. The researchers found that the attention of older “nonhealers” (above 54) appeared to increase the rupturing of red blood matter, regardless of their intent, while the focus of younger “nonhealers” (below 31) appeared to slow down the eruption, in line with their intent to do so.

Investigating the way that human attention can alter microscopic organic life from afar is the first step in developing a grounded “energy science” that can not be fooled by placebo or personality worship.

For example, we now know that the electromagnetic signature of an acupuncture meridian is very important for real energy healing AND “electrical telekinesis” as the CIA has explained them in a few other declassified documents.

Under a request from the freedom information act, The CIA has officially declassified hundreds of thousands of documents on the matter of psychic phenomena. The program is called “Stargate”and the CIA and US Military were involved.

For those of you who have seen the documentary called “Third Eye Spies”. You may also want to read my article about Colonel Lynn Buchanan and his time spent in the armed forces and private sector.


1989 Geophysical Variables and Behavior: LVIII. Autonomic Activity, Hemolysis, and Biological Psychokinesis: Possible Relationships with Geomagnetic Field Activity

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Intentionality and the Hemolysis of Red Blood Cell


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