When The Brain Wave Pattern of Distant Healer and Receiver Align

A scientific article describes an experiment conducted on a “distance healing” practitioner and their client. The researchers found that there was an increase in trancerebral coherence between the two individuals separated by 50 metres. In other words, their brainwaves were aligned to an extent that defied statistical probability

There was a maximum “change of strength” in the brain wave coherence between the two subjects after about 3 minutes. It is possible that many of the purported effects involved in distant healing could begin occurring around this time as well.

However, authors of the article claim that “Topological Geometrodynamics” are the best way of modelling psychic phenomena. Unfortunately proponents of this theory have a tendency to chalk everything up to “quantum computation”.

As I have mentioned in another article called “Why reality is not a simulation” computation is not the right word to call a natural “quantum network” that has existed throughout all space and time – bonding individuals to one another based on their fellow harmony with the Earths electromagnetic field.

Unfortunately the modern tendency to compare everything to technology gives simulation theory propagandists further ammunition. You are not a computer, computers have not existed for as long as DNA or chronoastrobiology, and anything less than that is psychotic. It’s incredibly dangerous to chalk any kind of natural innate ability for human beings to heal themselves and others as a form of “computation”, quantum or otherwise.

With that being said however, all language problems aside, Topological Geometrodynamics is probably the best overall theory for psychic phenomena in so far as it applies to the real world of physics and biology. I just wish they’d use the term “quantum network” rather than “quantum computation” and “processing” rather than “computation” when referring to quantum interactions throughout the natural world.

In another article I cover a declassified CIA article involving the exploration of Georgian healer “Korotkov”. They discovered, that in this form of healing, which involved a hovering of the hands over the body, that the healer was able to “polarize” the charge of his hands and therefor push the plasma in the air gap between his hands and the patients body in to the patients body.


2014 Non-Locality changes in intercerebral theta band coherence between practitioners and subjects during distant Reiki procedures







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