A Comparison of Electromagnetic Field Tech: Relieve Pain, Restore Cellular Voltage, Sleep Well

Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy


Far Infrared Amethyst Mat 840$

Average Rating: 4.5/5

FDA approved Korean manufacturer

HL HEALTHYLINE – Far Infrared Amethyst Heating Mat – 80inL x 40inW (Firm) – PEMF – Obsidian Jade and Tourmaline Hot Stone – Adjustable Temp – Negative Ions

HL HEALTHYLINE Infrared Heating Mat – 72in x 24in

HL HEALTHYLINE – Far Infrared Jade and Tourmaline Heating Mattress Mat – 80inL x 76inW (King and Firm) – Negative Ion

HL HEALTHYLINE – Far Infrared Jade Heating Mat – 72inL x 24inW (Light and Firm) – Easy to Roll-up – Negative Ions

Far Infrared Amethyst Mat – Deep FIR Heat – Static Permanent Magnets – Negative Ions – Red Light Photon Therapy – Natural Amethyst – FDA Registered Korean Manufacturer – Purple (Mini 31″ L x 20″ W)

OMI Activemagnet + PEMF Mini Mat 495$

Average Rating: 5/5

OMI PulsePad PEMF Battery Powered Portable Local Applicator Pad 225$

Average Rating: 4.5/5

OMI Full Body Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy System 1250$

Average Rating: 3.5/5

OMI Ring PEMF Therapy 375$

EarthPulse v.5 Pro Sleep on Command Pulsed Electromagnetic Sleep System (Newest Version!) PEMF Therapy System Similar to MRS 2000 Bemer Medithera