Water Purification

The following is an impartial list of the top ten water purifiers based on average ratings spread out across multiple networks. We take a bulk data analysis approach to formulating our review. The most popular comments and concerns are listed as such. Prices are rounded up or down (shaved off 9’s), as displayed on Amazon.


APEC Top Tier Alkaline Mineral Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Average Rating: 4.8/5


Three most popular comments and concerns

  • Alkaline, reverse osmosis water is healthy, better tasting
  • Purified water comes out of your kitchen sink faucet
  • Good customer service
  • Lengthy installation process, though instructions are thorough
  • Faucet comes loose every now and again, use a thicker metal compression fitting
  • Flush system 3 times to get rid of initial cloudy water


Brita Small 5 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Standard Filter

Average Rating: 4.3/5


Three most popular comments and concerns

  • It’s small, light and takes up little space in the fridge
  • Water tastes better once it is run through this filter
  • Plastic is free of endocrine disruptors
  • Filter does not form a very tight seal in the socket
  • Does not remove organic contaminants
  • Durability could use improvement



2. Waterdrop Extream Long-Lasting (200 Gallons)

Average Rating: 4.3/5


Three most popular comments and concerns

  • Speedy filtering system
  • Easy to pour water from nozzle without spillage
  • Has an easy grip handle and silicone grip base
  • Some complaints over chlorine-like taste and smell
  • Durability could use improvement
  • Some water leaks around the filter and into the purified chamber


Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher With Lifetime Warranty

Average Rating: 4.2/5


Three most popular comments and concerns

  • Claims to eliminate 200 contaminants including Flouride, which is a lot
  • Lifetime warranty, great customer service, fast refund or exchange
  • Company responds to reviews, fixes problems based on feedback
  • Lid comes loose, company says to flip over the O ring gasket for easy fix
  • Some issues with filter not screwing on properly, leaking
  • A lot of complaints over design and durability of pitcher



3. Boroux Bundle Includes: Royal Berkey Water Filter System

Average Rating: 4.2/5



Three most popular comments and concerns

  • Water taste better after filtration
  • Easy to use, assemble, & clean
  • The filter removes pollution, heavy metals, fluoride, and more
  • White corks smell for some reason
  • Prone to rust in the bottom chamber
  • Customer service could use improvement



Average Rating 4.2/5


Three most popular comments and concerns

  • Water tastes great compared to higher priced filters
  • Claims to remove close to 100% of a lot of different pollutants
  • Responsive customer service
  • Filtering speed declines significantly with use
  • Some design flaws make it difficult to handle without spilling
  • Several customers suspicious of Flouride and Chlorine claims


New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter system

Average Rating 4/5


  • Faucet mounted filter makes for easy access
  • Tall spigot can fill large containers
  • Only have to replace filter once a year
  • Filter casing is very difficult to remove the first time
  • Diverter valve pin eventually fails to automatically close when the water gets turned off. Apparently oil can help to lubricate.
  • No humans at customer service phone-line


Nakii Long-Lasting Fast Filtering Patented ACF Military Technology

Average Rating 4/5

15 – 60$

Most popular comments and concerns

  • Responsive customer service
  • Fast filter, but slows overtime
  • Simple to assemble, clean
  • Sometimes difficult to get filter to fit properly, and it can come loose
  • Can’t refill it faster than reservoir can process
  • Pretty small, so there’s lots of refilling.


4. Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Average Rating: 3.9/5


184.50$ – 218.57$

Three most popular comments and concerns

  • Instructions are easy to understand, installation is simple
  • Solid stainless faucet
  • Robust and strong water filter at an affordable price
  • Leakage is sometimes a problem
  • Product does not fit the 1/2 standard hole for sinks
  • It wastes a lot of water


PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter

Average Rating 3.6/5


Three most popular comments and concerns


  • Installation, switching between filtered and unfiltered is easy
  • LED lights inform you when the filter needs to be changed
  • Inexpensive replacement filters
  • Fragile, often begins to malfunction or break between 4-10 months
  • Shiny chrome is misleading, body is made of plastic
  • Fast filtered water is not as high quality as slower filters


5. ZeroWater 23 Cup Dispenser with Free Water Quality Meter

Average Rating: 3.5/5ZeroWater 23 Cup Dispenser with Free Water Quality Meter BPA-Free NSF Certified to Reduce Lead and Other Heavy Metals

27$ – 60.52$

Three most popular comments and concerns

  • An affordably-priced water filter
  • Comes with a meter to detect total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Filters a lot of water
  • Some complaints over sour taste
  • Durability could use improving
  • Pouring is slow due to a narrow nozzle