Mission Statement

To keep a finger on the pulse of advanced scientific and technological discoveries in academia. Especially when those discoveries may improve the human condition, and the overall potential of organic life.

To improve our systems of energy and transportation by reducing the amount of wasted energy WITHOUT necessarily sacrificing performance and to focus on unique innovations that accomplish both of these objectives at once. In physics, they call it “decreasing entropy”.

To expand humanities reach so as to become a multi-planetary species, thus becoming more resilient and feasible in the long term.

To encourage the safe use of science and technology for the sole purpose of improving the human condition and condition of life, without replacing, disrupting or detracting away from life and the natural process of evolution that helps us remain symbiotically entangled with other forms of life and the environment.

To challenge the continued artificialization of modern society by dis-entrenching our innate human potential and to continue to broaden that potential by expanding human performance in to avenues that were previously considered impossible.