News: Space Weather, Brain Stimulation, Geomagnetobiology and The Gut Microbiome

In this update we learn about how the gut microbiome may improve cognitive health, a new brain stimulation device that could treat mental illness, how space weather forecasting may predict events here on Earth and a new summary is published on geomagnetobiology including DNA related changes.

News: Atmospheric Energy, Effects on Weather, Jupiter Heating Up

In today’s news we may be able to generate energy directly from the ionosphere, and magnetosphere. A scientific journal details the exact correlates between atmospheric electricity and temperature, as well as cloud coverage and scientists find the genetic source of heart disease.

Atmospheric Biofeedback Technology Could Save Millions of Lives

Extreme atmospheric conditions such as high or low geomagnetic frequency have proven, wide-ranging effects on health and cognition. There’s absolutely no reason why we cant design geomagnetic biofeedback technology to optimize the human organism for interaction with the atmosphere.